Saturday, February 16, 2013

Inference Activities

Hi Everyone!  Happy 3 Day weekend! :)
This will be a quick post...

I will be diving into inferencing next week. (although I've dabbled in it here and there)

I LOVE to start with this book:

It is quite a simple read with MANY opportunities for the children to use their inferring skills.  

I first start off by reading it orally and talking about what inference really means-

Use the text clues
Use what I know (schema)

The kids catch on pretty quickly! 

Then on the second day we use an organizer to fill in our thinking.  I find that this helps those that  need a visual, will understand more clearly after practicing it this way.

(click above to get a copy)

The sample is filled in with references to "The Stray Dog," but it could be used with any book!

I also found this website that has a inferencing game!!
Pinned Image
It will give clue by clue and then allow the children to make a guess.  It is super cute and VERY appropriate for young children!

I have also discovered that there are TONS of people that have created inference boards on Pinterest.  Oh Pinterest, what would I do without you ;)

If it works... click HERE to see all the boards!!

Finally, I end my unit with this AMAZING activity!!

This is so fun for the kids and it pulls our "unit" together.  There is a lot of prep to this, but once you have it all put together it is so much fun.  If you bought this, I added a new recording sheet to it and also made a final "what really happened" story.  I'd be happy to share!  Just leave a comment or shoot me an email! :)

Thanks to those that entered my Narrative Writing giveaway!!  Amanda and Kathy were the big winners!! :)

Don't forget my buy one get one offer ends tomorrow night!!  Just email me for details or to tell me of your purchase!!

I leave you first with my mustachey class :)
(this was part of my valentine to them... BIG HIT!)
...and a tiny sneak peek at my upcoming product...


  1. Inferencing is so hard for kids to grasp. Thank you for the freebie! I can definitely use this with my students!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Thanks for sharing all these ideas for teaching inference. It is so hard for students to master that. Thanks for your freebie! I can see that really helping my kiddos understand this better!
    First Grade Found Me

  3. It seems as if everyone is working on inferencing these days :) we are too!! I just posted one of our activities, in fact :)

  4. I can't get the inference page to print. It will load but print is not an option. I love the sheet and would love to use it. Any suggestions?

  5. Can you please send me the sheets you created to accompany the concluding activity? I just purchased it! Thanks!

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