Thursday, June 28, 2012


Howdy!  Ok, seriously... where is the time going!!  Does anyone else feel like when the 4th comes that summer is nearly over?  I can't BELIEVE that the days are flying (when the school year d...r...a...g...s).

Ok, so I have two pretty cool things to share today.  Both of these activities I've done either during my guided reading time, my intervention block, or had parent helpers/aides do with the children.  The first is something that I've created that I LOVE.... 

Many of my students (even in second grade) struggle with reading high frequency words.  Those stubborn words that most of the time you can't sound out.  I always start the year by assessing what words they know of the standard 227 HFW list.  Then from there I make 3 word packs (I usually don't do this for every student- my intervention kids and low average kids really benefit).
 I take 3-5 words that the students could not read quickly (3 seconds or less) and add them to the "Words I'm Learning to Read" ring.  I pull this out and have the students read through their words- this goes quickly.  If they can read the word I then put a dot in the corner (see pic below).  When they can read the word 3 different times easily, the word is then transfered to the "Words I'm learning to Spell" ring.
The 3 green dots were from reading the word correctly.  It then moved to this ring and the red dot means the student spelled the word orally corectly one time so far.
Now the student is trying to spell the words orally.  Again, I am putting 3 different colored dots on the card each time the child can spell the word correctly.  The student can be reading words and spelling words during the same session with me.  Each one goes pretty quickly because I try to limit the words to 3-5 on a ring.  Once he/she spells the word correctly 3 times, the word then moves to the "Words I Know how to Read" ring.
I actually changed this one to say "Words I'm learning to write" ~ thought it made more sense.
This is the final ring.  If the word makes it here, the student is now writing the word down usually on a dry erase board.  Once the student can do that 3 times the word is put loosly in the bag to revisit from time to time.  I have found with the amount of repetition,  spelling, and reading of the word that the students have much better sucess really LEARNING the words.  I love this activity so much that I made it into an activity pack in my TpT store.  It looks like this:

 Sorry I don't have a fancy smancy picture of the whole thing but you can check it out by clicking {HERE}.  I have it on SALE in my store for ONLY $1 TODAY ONLY!!!!  Check it out!!  No seriously, go check it out :)
Ok, last item to share... this is pretty cool too!!  It's called FLASH FLUENCY and its from the website- "The Positive Engagement Project"  It has different types of word lists for a varitey of levels and the children read through the lists in one minute or less.  I used this in my guided reading groups and with parent helpers (in addition to the high frequency word lists- the fluency words are definitely more challenging).  The children REALLY liked trying to beat their previous time.  Click the link above to check it out!!

Ok, that's all from me today!  Make sure you stop by Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists for her 100 follower giveaway!  Many items up for grabs (including one of mine!) 

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Congrats Stephanie!!  I will be giving away just TWO more of the amazing Word Family packs (see previous days post for a pic).  Remember to leave a comment below with your email.  I'd love to hear how you do either HFW or fluency with your kiddos!  **AND if you purchase the HFW Pack... come back and leave a separate comment telling me so for an extra chance to win! (and I'll be your best friend... haha..j/k).

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  1. I do something similar with the high frequency words for my kids. They are put on a silver ring and given to the kids when the new word(s) are introduced to them.

  2. I have a monthly HFW folder that the kids take home each night. The HFW are on one side, calendar on the other. Each night that the parents practice the words with the student they sign the appropriate date box on the calendar. I check folders each morning - boxes that are signed receive a sticker. After a week or so, I start checking the kids. If they can read all the words in any order (without stumbling) they receive a reward from the prize box. I repeat this each month with a new list.


  3. I love your rings! We send one home weekly for the students to practice with, but never thought of having numerous!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    I need your help! Come check out my last post ❤

  4. Love your grouping of the words! Good way to practice!

  5. Thanks for the shout out! I love these rings. I have thought about doing them for a while. Perhaps now is the time! :)

    Coffee, Kids and Compulsive Lists

  6. Those rings are a great idea & I'm pinning it as we speak!! Your HFW pack looks great!!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Thanks for the info on the website. Can't wait to check it out.


  8. This next year will be my first year with a specific plan that includes parents. I am going to have 5 words weekly and daily "passwords" posted outside the classroom door. I hope to have pockets for words they are practicing in their book boxes.

  9. What an awesome idea - saw it on Pinterest! We're your newest followers!

    Kristi and Crystal
    Teaching Little Miracles

  10. Love it! :)
    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First

  11. We use the Dolch Word lists. I put words on a ring and check them twice a week for a sticker. When they get 3-4 stickers the word comes off their ring to take home and keep in a special place.

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