Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SMART Response and Spring {freebie}

Is the week over yet?  Oh man do my students (and maybe their teacher just a tad) have spring break fever!  Our break is next week and it really can't get here fast enough.  Don't get me wrong... I love the kids and all...but don't all teachers need a recharge?  I'm sure that is why "spring break" was created! :)

Anywho... on to the amazing SMART Response!

Seriously people, these things are sooo smart! 3 handheld Response remotes and a SMART Notebook lesson in background

Our fabulous PTA purchased a set for the building and my grade has held them captive!

So first things first, if you don't have a SMART board... you need one!!  It is so engaging and captivating!  Let's face it... the generation coming to us has been playing on their mom's and dad's iPhone, iPad, and iyounameit since they were old enough to hold their head up so they need some stimulation!  The SMART board is kinda like a giant iPad and there are SO many cool things you can do on it.

So the SMART response system is a great feature to use with your SMART board.  
Here is a quick blurb:

With the push of a button on their wireless remotes, students can instantly tell you how much they know. You'll no longer have to wonder whether all your students are keeping up with lesson material, because you'll see precisely how well each student is doing. With that insight, you can adapt lessons based on test results or how students respond to your questions.

I tried it out with my students the other day... SOOOO cool!  I used it while they did a quick math assessment.

It's super quick to make an assessment document to use with the "clickers."  In this case the kids solved a problem in their math notebooks and then entered the answer to the problem into their clicker.  

After the assessment is finished, it gives the kids instant feedback on how they did right on the clicker screen!  It also gives me feedback in the form of a pie chart and also a spreadsheet.

It stores all the assessments into a grade book and I can pull up results on each child or by subject.  It's pretty AMAZING!!

This might be a great Donor's Choose project for those of you who are interested!!  


So it's the first day of spring and it is 23 degrees here in IL! Ugh.  Try getting your students to "think spring" when they are shivering from the cold!  I blame the groundhog...early spring- yeah right!

We worked on this today to channel spring our way... thought I'd share!

Be on the lookout for a GINORMOUS giveaway coming your way this weekend!  You won't want to miss it...seriously!! :)


  1. Ooohhh!!! I WANT some of those!! And I hear ya about the "first day of spring".... It was below zero wind chill temps today and I had double recess duty. Ugh!

  2. SO jealous! Those look so cool. I don't even have a smart board yet. We had a very rainy first day of spring. Cold and rainy. Hopefully we'll have nice weather for spring break next week. :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. Tori, I have to agree on the weather. We are currently on Spring Break now and it snowed Tuesday and we are projected to get 4-6" of snow in the next couple days. Not so spring-y!

  4. HI, Tori, Love this! We did these in April for poetry month, but I was wondering the name of the puffy font. (I usually make a little cover and assemble everyone's writing into a book.)

    Much thanks!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com