Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daily 5- Read to Someone (LOTS of freebies!)

Yay- I'm back for the third post on Daily 5! 

Today I'll talk about

If you want to read about Listening to Reading click {HERE}

If you want to read about Read to Self click {HERE}

I had the BEST comments left on my Read to Self post!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!  The winner for that post was:

Ms. Siefker!!
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**Make sure you read all the way to the bottom again!**

Some great ideas/questions came up in the comments that I wanted to share with all of you..

1. the interesting words collector-

I have a different one but I whipped up one for you guys if you want it- I have the kids keep this in their box at all times and they fill it in when they find an interesting word.  I also have the kids do this while they Read to Someone!
click above to get this!

2. For the Daily 5 newbies!!

 HERE is a link to a wonderful resource to help you map out your lessons.  It also includes CAFE too (I REALLY recommend reading that book- and jump into both!)  It was posted by a wonderful teacher on Proteacher.

3.  A good point was brought up about the misconception of "Daily 5."

Some think it is 5 rounds of 5 choices.  Actually it is what you make it to be- I shoot for 3 rounds (of 5 choices), but some days I only do 2.  It is so flexible- that is the nice thing about it.  Plus you can have your entire class do a round and you don't have to worry about having "centers" ready to go.  For example, I can say "we are all going to do Read to Self now."  I loooove that!

OK, so on with the R to S goods...

"Read to Someone" is the kids favorite choice, but let's face it- it's not a favorite of the teachers.

If you find that you are dreading "Read to Someone" then you need to build more stamina. Go back to my last post and download those stamina graphs- stat!

Modeling and anchor charts will be so important with this one.  Kids can get silly and they want to talk.  It will be crucial to teach them the correct behaviors so they know the expectation during this time.

Here are some things that I like to use...

First- how to find a partner.
This is a biggie!
It will be important to model this for the kids because as you know- not all kids want to be partners.  If the expectation is set from the start, you will not have any problems-
 I promise!!

I use this poster: 
(I didn't create it, but I LOVE it!!)

click to get this

Second, "EEKK!!"

 Show, practice, repeat, success!

I made a cute poster for you!

This is a FACEBOOK fan freebie!  You will need to go to my Facebook page and find the purple box.

sitting EEKK :)

Third, I get asked a lot about how to solve the "I will pick my best friend... every time" syndrome.

I created something called...
Clock Partners!

Yes, I know there are other clock partner ideas out there but I love to use it for Daily 5!
It looks like this:

I teach the kids how to write their partner's name starting with the number one spot.  Then continue to add names around the clock with each new partner.  The beautiful thing is once they have added the same name twice, they are not to have that partner again until they get a new clock.  I find that this helps the children find new friends to read with!
You can get a copy of the clock at my Facebook fan freebie page also!

Fourth, what do the kids DO when they Read to Someone?

This is from Sharing Kindergarten!

I have found that 3 things work best-

1. Have two copies of the same book for the kids to read together.  One will read while the other will read along with their book.
This works great with the basal or copies of poetry!
These girls have the same book

2. Each child will choose a book to read from their book box (must be a good fit book).  They will take turns reading their book.  Yes, this means there are two different books.  However, it ensures that the child is reading at their level.  I tell the kids it is their moment to show off their fluency and SHINE!
He is reading the book he picked out.  She has her book(s) waiting.  They are at different levels but it is OK!

3.  The kids find a matching color on their boxes (see how I level books here) and pick out a book of that color to read together.  This will then be a good fit for both children.
This is a good fit book for both the kids!

Finally, it is important to teach the children how to be patient while their friend is reading.  The 2 Sisters talk about coaching or time.  I love this!  You can go HERE and grab a cute sheet to print from Cruising in Second Grade with Mrs. Farber.  

Or, I have used THIS bookmark in the past.  It is a nice tool for the kids when they are trying to help their friend.
 I got the bookmark somewhere in the blogosphere so I thank that person for their hard work!

Phew! You made it! :)  I hope you were able to pick up some helpful tips or items to print!  I want to encourage you to leave a comment or question here. 
(I will choose a winner to pick a product again!).  
Your comments help guide my posts and others can learn from you too!  Comment about what you do for Read to Someone or respond to anything mentioned here! 

 I LOVE to hear from you!!!

If you haven't yet, don't forget to enter my Erin Condren Giveaway!!  {HERE}

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. This is a wonderful post! I love using Daily 5 and the kids love it too! I have not added in the CAFE yet and hope to this year! Do you feel it works well?

    1. I absolutely love CAFE! I will try and address CAFE a bit more in my last post about Daily 5. DO add it into your day this year- you will love it too!

  2. I have to admit that I haven't read the book but I am interested in starting the daily 5 in my kindergarten class. This post was extremely helpful and makes me want to go buy the book and get started. I love the eekk.

    1. Laura, I am so thrilled that the posts are getting you interested in D5!! Yes, buy the book and start! Most of the K classrooms in my district do Daily 5 and LOVE it!

  3. I am loving you blog posts about Daily 5. I used it last year and was so disappointed by the end of the year. You are giving me a new outlook on teaching it next year. Thank you so much.

    1. Yay I am so happy Karen!! Try again and you will love it! I spent a LOT of time wrapping my brain around how to best tackle D5 and then spent the last 3 years with trial and error- so it didn't come that easy with me... I am just now able to share the things that are working! So glad you are here!! :)

  4. We started Daily 5 in our 1st grades in the middle of the year last year. I loved it, but can't wait to see how much better it runs when you start it from the beginning. I love the clock idea. That is an excellent way to keep track of who they are with. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Yes, start on Day 1!! I remember reading that and thinking... there's no way I will start the first day of school... but it is so important to start the very first day building that stamina! :)

  5. Your posts are making me excited about starting Daily 5 this year. I am looking forward to implementing some of your ideas in my classroom. Thanks for sharing what has and hasn't worked for you.

  6. I LOVE Daily 5, but I have a Reading Series (CA TREASURES) to follow, too. So... I try to incorporate BOTH... Partner Read ( use the series books) I choose their partners using sticks...Need to make sure there is at least 1 reader in the partnership. wendy 1stgradefireworks

  7. Clock partners! What a brilliant idea! Thanks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  8. This post is wonderful. I have always wanted to try Daily 5 and this is a great resource. Thanks so much.

  9. Thanks for all your D5 posts recently. This will be my 2nd year teaching coming up and I am trying to re-structure my literacy block w/ D5. I started D5 late last year and I ended up rotating groups of students myself. I had a good class that didn't mind it, but I would like to give my students a choice this year. I definitely fear "R to S" lol, but I do know kids love it so I will work on building stamina even more this year :) I like the clock partners idea. Thanks for all your tips and freebies. ~Cara Lee

  10. I love all your ideas for Daily 5. I have been slowly thinking about using Daily 5 in my classroom. You made a comment about centers, that for Daily 5 you didn't have to have anything ready like you do in centers... and that was one of the problems I had this year with my stations. I always had to have something ready. I keep reading about Daily 5 stuff to see if I can try to incorporate it in my classroom. Thanks:)
    Kinders on the Block

    1. You can do it!!! I have done the center thing when I taught first and second grade. Never again!! I'd spend hours copying, making, and grading those darn centers-- and for what really? The preparation comes when you "train" your kids to be READERS!! Everything you do during Daily 5 promotes reading/writing... its so amazing! :)

  11. I like the how to choose a partner idea...I had a new student this year who really struggled with this and it made the rest of us very cranky! He would REFUSE to read with someone who asked him. (And then he wondered why he wasn't making friends...)

    Bookmarking this for re-reading closer to school time!

    1. Ha!! Yes, I can totally relate to this!! Use that poster and make it an absolute must follow- it works! :)

  12. I love doing Daily 5. I really like the mats that they use for RTSomeone. I like the idea of doing clock partners. I have not done that yet. I may try that out!

  13. This was the only part of Daily 5 that I didn't fully implement. Instead of them reading to a friend, I had them read to puppets.

    1. Ha!! I know... giving the kids that freedom is kinda scary! But I can't say it enough..if you teach them well they will get it and do the right thing. Try it this coming year- you will end up loving that time the kids have with each other!

  14. Oooh... Read with Someone... my least favorite :/ One way I've made it manageable is that only 3 partners are allowed to read during each rotation. When it's time to choose a station, the kids who want to Read with Someone stand separately from the rest of the group. They partner up and get started first, then I check in the rest of the kids. WIth only 3 pairs reading at a time, it doesn't get too loud in the room.

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  15. Love the clock idea! Thanks for posting about D5. I scan the book at the beginning of every school year to make sure I don't miss anything, but your posts are doing the scanning for me!! I'm loving all your new-to-me ideas! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

    Crofts' Classroom

  16. I'm so excited that I found these Daily Five posts! We used the Daily Five for the first time last year. It can definitely use a makeover in my classroom and your resources will help me feel more successful!



  17. I LOVE The clock partners idea. I am definitely going to download that right now. That is SO smart. I always had kids want to read with their best friends and when I'd try to "guide" their partner choices with my knowledge of kids reading levels, it didn't always end well...
    How perfect. Thank you so much for breaking down each element of Daily 5. I taught only reading the past two years so I'll be new to Word Word and Work on Writing--I'm SO excited to see your posts on these (I'm hoping those are coming up?? :) ) because I'm feeling CLUELESS about how to start those up with my second graders. I also haven't done the CAFE portion because I spent their "station time (aka read to self/someone) doing guided reading... I'm excited to get this going in full swing this year though! Yippee! Thanks for the freebies! Love it.


    1. So glad that this has been helpful to you Kaitlyn! Yes, I am in the process of planning for Work on Writing and Word Work! I went to my school today and took a bunch of pictures so I can share.... so stop on back!

  18. Your "How to Pick a Partner" will really help in my room. Kids kept picking their best friend so I ended up assigning partners but I wanted to give them choice. It was a conflict within myself that I've had for a couple of years. Hopefully your poster/reminders will do the trick.

  19. I'm so excited!! Thank you so much my email is

    I love your posts about Daily Five! I just started it mid year last year and you are giving me some great ideas to use this year!!

  20. Thanks so much for these posts on the Daily 5. I'm going to attempt to implement using this during the upcoming school year! Your posts have been quite informational and reassuring that this can be successful in any classroom!



  21. I love the idea of clock partners! I remember doing this when I was in school. I will have to try that this year with my second graders. Daily 5 is the greatest invention! I cannot say enough good things about it. Thanks for your awesome posts!

  22. THis was the best blog I've read today! It was full of such great ideas and resources. Thank you! Thank you!

  23. I went back and read all of your Daily 5 posts! What an awesome resource you have provided! I love your EEKK poster and Clock Partner papers but I can't seem to get them off of your Facebook page. When I click on them it enlarges a bit but does not connect to the pdf. I would really appreciate some help! Thank you so much for your time and efforts!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  24. Thank you so much for fixing the EEKK page and the Clock Partner page. I can't wait to use these in my class!

  25. I am implementing Daily 5 for the first time this year and I am loving it!!! I just found your page and I'm kicking myself for not finding it before implementing Read to Self and Work on Writing! I am about to teach the students about Reading with Someone, so I'm glad I'll at least be able to use some of the helpful tips you've shared! Can't wait to use the Coaching Bookmarks and the Choose a Partner Clock. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas with us :-)

  26. Every weekend when I am preparing my lesson plans for the week, I come to your blog so I can systematically teach the daily 5. Thank you.

  27. Love this post! Thank you so much for these ideas cause I have been struggling with Read to Someone and this will help! Tina

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