Saturday, March 31, 2012

Report Card Blunders

It's Saturday night and I'm on here again (and NO my report cards are not finished).    Which leads me to my topic tonight... Report Cards! Yay!  So I'm going to share two report card nightmare stories.  I like to share so that others don't have to make my mistake!  So, a LONG, long time ago...
I was stuffing the report cards into the envelopes.  I knew that I had them in an alphabetized order (both the cards and the envelopes) so I stopped double checking the card to the envelope about half way through (ok I have to pause for a moment before you think...ok who does that... I was a long term sub at the time and I was NOT thinking!)  Anyway.. needless to say... 3 yes THREE report cards were in the wrong envelopes.  Yikes!  One kid came back right away I got the wrong report card.  So that led me to the next kid who I called and that parent was furious at me!  After that call I realized that one more was out there and wrong.  Oh man, one more phone call and at least that parent was understanding.  I had to drive all around exchanging report cards, apologizing over and was NOT fun.  So the MORAL... triple check the report cards.. and yes I do triple check now.
Second story:
I was on the couch in front of the TV doing my report cards.  This again was a long time ago, actually it was my very first teaching job.  I was transferring what I had on my "sloppy copy" to my actual report card.  I was completely concentrated... um... to the TV and not my report cards.  Later I realized how un-concentrated I was because I noticed that I had transferred all "consistently" to all "satisfactory" on a student who was very much a "consistently."  I freaked and knew I had to fess up to my mistake at my parent teacher conference that evening.  So I'm a nervous wreck telling the parents that I made a huge mistake and the Dad looks me in the eye and says..."You know I grounded my daughter for a week because of the report card."  My response (as I'm sweating).. "oh my gosh... I'm so sorry!!"  Then there is a long silence.. and he busts out laughing and says..."I'm just kidding you.  It's fine.  I'm glad to know that she is doing well."  And I just had a heart attack.  MORAL: Don't do your report cards in front of the TV or you will make a mistake and get a kid grounded.

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  1. Oh dear!! We've all had things like that happen to us. My worst experience was writing report card comments while heavily medicated after an injury. We do our electronically, and under work habits we have 4 choices listed, but can actually only use three of the them. (Not sure why the 4th is even there.) As you can guess, many of my students got that 4th one (the comment was "Excellent") and most of my students were anything but excellent! The students loved the error, my administrator... not so much!!

    Cute start to your blog... I've been blogging since January - it's a ton of fun! Good luck!

    Teacher Talk

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  3. Addie, Thanks for sharing your report card blunder! AND thanks thanks so much for adding a comment, I hope you will come back and see what other blunders I might share! :)

  4. Scripi,
    I actually just saw a post about the videos and watched all her "preview" videos she has. Thanks for the advice, it might help me learn some tricks :) Thanks for becoming a follower!