Friday, June 21, 2013

Five for Friday! {giveaway}

Hi Everyone!  It's that time again... Five for Friday!

1.  Cool Apps!

Did you see the 50 Fab Apps for Teachers from Scholastic??

There were many I knew of and some I didn't!

The pic below shows my son using a cool handwriting app that I found called Start Dot
He is NOT into handwriting and this one really captured his attention!

2. My Purchases so far...

I totally need a second job just to keep up with all the shopping I do over the summer! The sad part?  Most of the shopping is for the next school year!!

Here are some things I've bought so far...
Ok, so I jumped on the Erin Condren bandwagon... and I have to say that I am NOT sad about this!!  This thing is a teacher's dream! I carry this thing around like it's my blankie... now that is SAD!  Yes, its pretty costly... buuuuut... I have to say it's worth every penny!
And it's sooo pretty!  If you are interested... I can do a review of it and show you more.  Just let me know!

Oh my goodness... Dollar Spot you are my HERO!  Just look at these adorable book boxes!! I did have to travel to 3 different Targets to hunt these bad boys down but now I have 24.  I'm in looove!

I am a sucker for a good teacher read.  I saw this title floating around the blogosphere and I just had to get it.  I haven't started yet but I will definitely share my take when I get reading.

3.  New Product

I'm loving this new Math Vocab Pack!!

The plan is to make first AND third grade in a similar manner!
***I'm giving one of these away right NOW!! Leave your email in a comment and I will chose a winner tomorrow (Saturday!)***

4. Fan Freebies!
Did you know there is a FREE product on my Facebook page?  Well, there is!!

When you go to my Facebook page and you click on that bright purple box that says "FREE STUFF for FANS," it will take you to a product that I sell on TpT.  IF you like the page, you get the product for FREE! Pretty sweet huh?  I plan to update it as often as I can so hurry on over!


I plan to put together a big post on this very soon (plus a fun blog hop!!).  But in the mean time... make sure you follow me this way (cuz google reader is going away!).
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Anyone a Bachelorette fan?  Watching the show now?  Recognize that guy? hehe... well it's Mikey!  He was having lunch at the same time as I was and I snapped this pic of him- without trying to look too creepy!  He lives in a town close to my hometown.  It was too funny!

Thanks for reading friends!
p.s... don't forget to enter my giveaway...


  1. I would love to win your Math Vocabulary.


  2. Wow this post is JAM PACKED with goodness! I picked up the very same magazine files last week! I snagged a bunch of mags that our library was going to throw out at the end of the year. SCORE!! my "Teach Like a Pirate" book was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, but sadly it's not here yet :( I would love your vocab cards :)

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

    1. Yay--- just picked you as the winner!! Sending it to you now!

  3. Love your planner! Mine is supposed to arrive on Wed. I can't wait! I would love to win giveaway!

  4. Would love to win your Math Vocabulary.
    I think you will enjoy Teach Like a Pirate..reading it now.


  5. Your math vocab pack has been in my TPT wishlist cart ! Would love to win it!

    Lindsey -

  6. Thanks for the quick giveaway. I would love a copy.

  7. Did you already finish the giveaway?? I'd love to be a part of it :) Love your vocab math for common core (grade2)