Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That's a wrap!!

Hey everyone!  I am SO SO sorry that I have been neglecting this poor blog.   I feel so bad 
 BIG SAD FACE ----> :(

The end of the year came and went like a flash!  Here are some highlights in pictures:

The countdown was an even bigger success than I anticipated!  I asked the kids to write about the things I should change and not change... #1 thing to keep was this countdown. You can see it here.

This was one of my favorite projects!

I got some GREAT advice...
"Here's the good news
I love reading now because I didn't know how fun it was"

We made our pledges to read...
"I will read 60 minutes and sometimes I will read an hour"
Grab this book from The Teacher Wife

We had field day

Picnic lunch as a reward for our plant reading incentive!

I woke up to this on the day of our field trip to the Arboretum!  We had a be.u.tiful day!!

field trip!

The highlight of our field trip was the tadpole pond!

I spent the last couple of days packing up my room and I am now officially on summer break! Wahoo!

The first official day of summer I got this sweet email from one of my students.  I JUST LOVE MY JOB!!

My to do list is LONG!  I am/will be updating a bunch of old TpT files that desperately need updating.  First one is my Math Vocabulary Pack... it's now bright and fresh... LOVE IT!!  It will be uploaded soon!!  I will be making first and third grade too!

I will be spending as much time with this guy as possible!!

If you can't find me here on my blog... I am posting things almost daily to my Instagram account (I am slightly addicted!!).
Click pic to follow-- its fun and easy peasy!

I need to make a wish... look at my blog follower count!!
I'm hoping to reach 800 send all your friends on over!! :)

I can't wait to have my next BIG giveaway!!!

Some fun projects and tips in the next blog post-- oh and some free stuff!

phew... thanks for reading... sorry I was all over the place today!!


  1. Cute "overall" project! Your end of the school year seemed like a blast! Enjoy your summer! Now checking out your intstagram! :)

    Cheers To School

  2. Those overalls are AWESOME!!! And how sweet is that email from your student?! Sounds like you really made a difference in his/her life. And your little man... ADORBS!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!