Thursday, July 12, 2012

SMART STUFF and Linky (new fun pic!)

So, yesterday I mentioned some SMART board things I've learned (thanks to those that commented!).  I wanted to show you some cool things!!  If and when I can figure out how to upload them to TpT or some other format, I will let you know!  So let's talk "magic tunnel!!"  This is the coolest thing and I know my students' eyes will probably POP out of their head when they see it... yet it is amazingly easy to do!  So you set up your page with two colors like this:

Now the tricky part is you need to create a text box and type two words in the box.  For example the word "desk" also has the word "desks" next to it BUT that word is in yellow.  SO... you don't see it because it blends with the yellow background.  The "magic tunnel" is that arrow.  You can make the tunnel be anything. Then the kids would grab the word and drag it "through" the arrow (really it just traveling behind the arrow).

  And it is dragged to the blue part like this:

So why can you see the word now? And where did the word "desk" go? Well... your word "desks" shows up now because of the yellow word on the blue background.  And the word "desk" is now blending into the blue because the word was blue.  Brilliant huh?  Yeah, I think so too!! :)

Here are some more fun things I learned how to do ... (I heart the SMART Board!!)

Here the kids will add the coins .....

And then use the magnifier to show the answer...

Cool right?  This acts the same as the magic tunnel... the answer blends into the background and the magnifier shows the answer.

Last one...
the contraction is actually grouped with the two words you just cant see it until....

You bring it down to the box at the bottom!  And then you can actually put it "in" the garbage can and it will disappear!

I am having SO much fun making these type of lessons that I am taking special requests!  If you like this kind of activity, I can create anything you can dream up! (for a small fee:)  I think the kids will LOVE this!!

I'm working on a HUGE Energy unit (due tomorrow yikes!) and then Saturday I'll post some more great stuff!


I am so excited! We had another link-up! Click {here} to check out this super creative one from Amy!  I can't wait to see more!! Don't forget that it ends JULY 22!!!

Before you go... here's another "caught reading" that I think is hysterical (this is one of my coworkers)...

Yes, it's at her daughter's wedding.  Heehee... :)

Where will YOU be caught reading?? 

Oh! p.s...If you want to enter the giveaway but are not interested in taking a pic, blog about it and leave me a comment with the link and you will be entered! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I got into a rut last year and kept using the same things over and over again in Smart Notebook. I am so happy to have some new ideas to add! Thank you again!

    Delighted in Second

  2. Awesome! I knew about the magnifying glass thingy, but the magic tunnel is so cool! Thanks for sharing! =)

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

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