Wednesday, January 30, 2013

coloring freebie and turtle heads!

Hey everyone! Sorry this will be a quick one because sick kid + up all night = one pooped mommy!

I have two coloring pages for you-- I don't know about you but having a class that loves to color goes in waves for me... this year my class LOVES to color.  I just love that-- it means they will sit and color and be content for a long time... ahhh!

So, I guess that is what prompted me to whip out these... I cleaned out my February file only to find a few mediocre coloring sheets.  Not to say these are any better- just better to have more! :)

Posts to look forward to:
~100's day
~Valentine's Day
~Around the school #2
~Pencil Sharpener Review and Giveaway!

Oh- one last quick share :)
I'm getting ready for my son's big birthday party extravaganza this weekend!!
Here are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle heads I made and the pizza box the heads will go on ('cuz the turtles love to eat pizza!) This will be the how we pass out our "favors"

Have a GREAT Thursday!


  1. Aww the turtle heads are adorable. My son is turning 24 in March and for his 5th birthday we did a Ninja Turtle party... amazing that a whole new generation is loving the turtles! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing these. Our 100th Day was supposed to be today but the windchill is -30 so we don't have school today. I was going to make a certificate that I could tape some Smarties to to make the "1" in 100. Now I won't have to since you shared this! My "baby" will be 26 in June and he was obsessed with the turtles-one even came to visit a grocery store and we stood in line for a LONG time to meet the turtle! Liz in COLD, snowy South Dakota :)