Thursday, August 1, 2013

IT'S HERE!! You DON'T want to MISS THIS!!!

I am SOOO excited to tell you about this Back to School Bundle! For $30, you get all this {valued at $201 on TpT}!  And if you sign up for Educents, you get it for $25- YES 25 DOLLARS ONLY!  And if you're like me and still have referral credit from April, you get ALL of this for $15! 

It's from some of the best second and third grade teacher/bloggers out there!
Take a look at all you can get...


Would you like a $5 credit for Educents?  Simply click the button below to sign up!
(Then you can be notified of their daily deals!)

Now, go on over and check out this AMAZING DEAL!!!  You won't want to miss this-- it's at this unbelievable price for 10 days only!

Click below to go to the deal!!

p.s...I bought this deal (I mean really- I couldn't pass it up!)... did you??  Leave a comment below telling me if you bought it and what you think!  Also, I can answer any questions you might have before purchasing! 

I promise you that it will have everything you need (and more!) to start your new school year off right!!


  1. I just purchased mine. I am so excited to check it out!

    1. Yay Victoria!!! Congrats!! After you take a look - let me know what you think!! It's AMAZING right??

  2. This is amazing! Just bought it. Thanks so much!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hanks for posting about this! I saw it on my FB feed and knew my $15 Educents credit would come in handy! I only wish I could leave you all awesome feedback for these products. I am downloading it all right now! Yay!


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