Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back to School Sale {high school yearbook style!}

Oh my's the moment we've all been waiting for... for weeks we were all wondering just one thing...


Well I am thrilled to announce that it is tomorrow and Monday, August 18 & 19!!


I have a fun little pic to share with you to highlight some of my favorite products:

Yep, it's my TpT yearbook page! :)

So my "teacher's pet" is something that every teacher needs!  It is packed with fun map skills that would be perfect for a 1st through 3rd grade classroom!  
You can see this product HERE!

The "most likely to help my students succeed" is one of my favorite products (and one of my best sellers!).  It is years of ideas and materials I put together to help the classroom teacher effectively teach narrative writing!  You will love this pack... just read the feedback on this one! :)
Check this one out HERE!
Finally, the "best couple" is two of my very favorite math packs!  I used the vocabulary one last year and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  The kids got so excited to take out their vocab books and loved illustrating them.  It is completely common core aligned even by color!
I have this one in FIRST

The word problem pack is a HUGE common core product!  This guy is jam packed with 100 problems, posters, math notebook ideas and much more!!  I used this one ALL YEAR and improved my math scores! :)
To see this one click HERE!

AND that's not all.... I had SO MUCH FUN making this next product and it's BRAND NEW!!!

Take a peek...

YES... GRADE 1.... get ready to do some word problems!!
This is completely common core aligned!
I love these and I would have so much fun doing these with firsties!  I take you step by step to get your kids thinking and solving word problems!

They start out pretty basic like this...

And get a bit harder like this...

And then finally look like this!!

You can see this brand new product HERE!

Don't forget to stop by TpT tomorrow and Monday to grab all of these on SALE!!

Enter the code BTS13 when you check out!

Have fun shopping! :)

Thanks Christina for the fun linky!!
Bunting Books and Bainbridge


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  2. Tori your story problems look fabulous~love the different levels of difficulty! Hope the sale was good to you :)

    We are gearing back to start up next week. Boo-hoo. Hope summer was good to you!
    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

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