Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Smorgasbord

I seriously cannot get my act together!

Thank goodness for Fabulous in First's perfect linky for me! ;)

I think I am in denial.  Complete denial that it is AUGUST!  We go back on Aug. 20th.  Boo.

I know I say it every summer ....but really...


Have you heard of this?

OMG people... I have to check it every single day.  
So basically it is an app that lets you know what apps are free for the day.

My 5 year old and I have been having a blast downloading just about everything under the sun ---cuz well you know- it's FREE! :)

They have free apps for the iPad and iPhone.

I've gotten a few apps for the classroom but lots of fun apps for my son.

Is there anyone out there using Math Expressions Common Core?

I need a fan--- I need someone to tell me this will be good for me and my students.

I used Expressions when it was not "common core" and I didn't like it.  Now we have all new materials and I'm freaking out!  

I hope to blog more about it when I dive in... AND I hope to find some other Expression people out there!?!

Have you heard about this??'s BRAND NEW!!
This past Friday night on my Facebook page I asked for some questions- well those questions were posted and answered by many of my followers.  I call it our support group for teachers!  I thought it went AMAZINGLY well for the first try.

Our first session was all Daily 5/CAFE driven.  It might be that way for a few sessions as I know many have questions.
I hope to extend our support to many other topics as well.

I plan to do it once a week...  exact day is undetermined yet.  I will probably do it randomly until my school year is in swing ... and then I will be able to pick a more permanent day.

Not a Facebook fan yet?  Well get on over there and hit that "like" button... then you will see me pop up on your wall!  I will warn you when Teacher's Talk to Teachers will start for the evening! :)

I will end with the WHOPPER...

So I hope hope hope you are not tired of me raving over this Bundle... I'm just in awe of it!

What bundle you ask?
Well I'm so glad you asked because it is only the most amazing bundle you will ever find!

It's from Educents.

I didn't do a good job explaining Educents in my last post.  Basically it is like Groupon for teachers.  They have great daily deals for a huge percentage off.

Well 24 of us got together and bundled our best sellers to give the buyer an AMAZING discount.... 85% off actually!

I'm just so proud of this little guy :)

Well... in the pack I have one of my absolute favs...

I have this pack in my TpT store, but if you have purchased it -- this has 10 more challenging problems... 100 total!  I also added a few more surprises to this pack just for my Educents peeps :)

There are also 25 other products in the bundle - which is a $201 value..guess how much it costs you?  

Say what?!

if you are not already a "member" of Educents, you can sign up and they give you a $5 credit that you can use towards this purchase. 

To join Educents and get 5 off click HERE

To grab this amazing bundle click HERE

Phew... that was a whole lot of randomness! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Tori,

    I use Math Expressions in my second grade classroom and I'd be happy to help/give advice. I teach at a year round school and we've already been in for over 3 weeks, so I can let you know how we got through it so far. You can do it!


    1. Yay Pam!!! Ohhh you just made my day! I'd love to hear how you start things off! Can I email you?? THANKS!!!!!!!!

  2. The bundle is amazing! I sent the link to my whole team. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for sending the link on!!!! I am glad you like the bundle... it is pretty awesome isn't it?? :)

  3. The bundle is fabulous! I am continually awed by what I find! Thanks!

  4. I'm just printing up your 100 word problems. I have a suggestion. When I wasn't watching my printer, some of the word problem pages fell on the floor. I didn't know which was which because they had no number on them. If you could add a number order to the bottom of each page, it would help parents know which pages to put in which numbered bags. Just a thought.
    Pat at

  5. Oh I wish that our math expressions was common core aligned! Math expressions is the reason that I became Second Grade Math Maniac. I started making all of my own stuff. We are on the last year of our adoption for math expressions and so far this year I have taught out of units 1, 5, and 13. CRAZY! I am SO not a fan so I'm hoping that the new expressions is much improved!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac