Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween, Election, report card, and Sandy!

Happy Weekend Everyone!  Wow, did this week get away from me!  Having Halloween in the middle of the week was a tough one... and then report cards went home on Friday (everyone passed.. phew! ;).  Monday and Wednesday this week are conferences.  Another long week ahead!
Here are just a few pics from Halloween :)
 Going a little bit Election Crazy!!  I am on the left as a ballot (of course I voted for myself!), center is my teammate as the ballot box, and my other teammate is the "I voted" sticker :)

My cuties!  Love the owl in the front!
Working on fun Halloween activities during the day!
(From my Spooktacular Pack :) 

My little one... yes, he is a video gamer... loves his Mario!
I apologize for not updating our Election progress last week.  We spent our time learning about each of the four animals and then they spent a few days working on their "campaign" posters and writing.  On Friday, they shared their writing and posters with the class.  Here are some pics:
 They took their research very seriously!
 It is fun to see how differently they feel about each animal!  It will be interesting to see who "wins!"

I will post soon all the posters we actually have from all our classes!
On Monday we will be learning about the Election Process with this book:
...and we will be reading our Scholastic Magazine too (which has a GREAT interactive website with videos and vocabulary):
Tuesday... is... ELECTION DAY!! If you haven't purchased the Election Time unit, you can still use it on Election day and just run a mock election with the animals! It's great fun and meaningful for the kids! :)
Stay tuned to see the results!!!
Last share... with conferences coming up, I gave the kids their own report card to fill out.  I LOVE to share this at my conference time... and the parents enjoy reading it.  I did NOT create this originally (however I have altered it slightly).  I am sorry I can not give credit to the original creator.. if you know, please let me know! (and thank you for your hard work!!)
click HERE to get it!
I am behind on my giveaways from last week- I will be contacting you soon! :)
Also, my heart and prayers go out to all of you who are in the East Coast and who happened to be in Sandy's path.  My entire extended family is in New Jersey and New York and they are OK (thankfully!), but they are trying to rebuild their community and schools.  I can't even imagine.  I unfortunately can't be there to help, but I will be running a sale in my TpT store for the next 3 days and all sales I make will be donated to the Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. 
I thank you so much for your help and support for those in need. 
**If you do purchase something in the next 3 days- please either leave me a comment OR email me and I will give you another product for FREE as a thank you!**