Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Visualizing and Who is that in the pic??

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!  So this will be a quick one...
First... I have to show you this so wonderful picture...
The tree apparently wanted to go for a swing... and landed DIRECTLY on my son's swing set.  LOVELY.  We are still scratching our heads as to how we are going to get that rid of that tree~ and if we can afford to replace the swing set.  Ugh.  This is the second large tree to come tumbling down- I posted about another one in July... want to see that one??  click here hehe I know you do! :)
If I can remember... I'll post next time a pic of a tree that is slowly dying, about 100 years old, about 100 feet tall, and is RIGHT by our house... things happen in 3's right?  Double Ugh.  :(
So last week I realized that I had a CAFE lesson to teach the next morning on Visualizing and NOTHING ready!  Cue... pinterest (don't you just looovvve that site??)  Anyway.. I found a great poem that an awesome blogger had posted {see the original link here}
I used this amazing poem and created a quick SMART notebook page and added the screen shade feature to show a little bit of the poem at a time.  I had the kids close their eyes as I read the poem so they could "visualize" what the giant looked like.  Then we talked about what they saw in their mind.  We realized that as the poem continued that their image changed too!  Kind of like a movie- visualizing is like a movie playing in your mind!
I then passed out a blank piece of paper and an "office" and read the poem again more slowly.  This time they created what they saw in their mind.  Here are some of the creations!!

I wanted to make the poem bigger, but with conferences looming over me I just didn't have time.  I love how adorable and different their giants turned out!  Please see the link above for a copy of the poem and the cute "Green Giant" header as in the pic above!
In other news.... MY DONOR'S CHOOSE PROJECT WAS FUNDED YESTERDAY!!!  I can't tell you how excited I am (ok maybe you can guess by my capitals and exclamation points!!!!)  :)  I was nearing the end date and I finally broke down and told the parents of my students about the project.  Low and behold they gave enough to help me fund the project!  I am soo blessed to have such supportive people in my life!
Ok... last thing...my hubby had a visitor at his studio the other day... can you guess who this is??
She also has a new show... do you know what it is called??  If you can guess both correctly (who she is and her show name), you will WIN one item from my store!! (leave your email too!!)
He will be on this show - if I find out a head of time... I will let you know... it should be a fun episode! :)
Happy rest of the week!


  1. Food Network's Ice Brigade is all I can get...and the fact that there are only two women on it should be of help, but apparently not. Coin flip goes for Susan Walters. Or the other one!

    Love the poem and we will be definitely be doing this activity to see the variations possible even when everyone is working from the same text!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. Wow Suzy~ have you seen that show? My husband's good friends are the shop owners of that show and he was on that show for one episode. However, this girl above is not related to that show :) Good GUESS!!

  2. Thanks for sharing that poem! Perfect for what we are working on.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

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  4. I just LOVE the poem! The children's pictures did come out so adorable! Thanks for the copy of the poem! I would love to use it someday with a class of my own! And as for the swingset, ughh no fun! We had trees down everywhere here in RI from the hurricane! Be glad it landed on the swingset and not your house! :-)

    Kayla Parker

  5. What a terrific idea for visualizing! Too bad I just saw it tonight - that was our strategy this past week. Well, into the file for next year it goes! Thanks for sharing!