Saturday, November 10, 2012

The results are in! (and Donor's Choose)

Wowsers! What. A. Week!  I was at school on Monday and Wednesday until 9:15 (PM!) for conferences and tons(!) of meetings. I am TIRED!  I do apologize for my lack of posting this past week :(  I wanted to ... yet my bed was calling... and that was just more appealing.  Hope you understand :)
The upside to the craziness... we have all of Thanksgiving week OFF! (plus it's my birthday too so I'm planning some good things!!).... So I promise to make it up to you with some great freebies and hopefully a super 500 follower giveaway (c'mon last 10 or so- join the FUN!)
The Election was a success!  The kids had a blast on Election Day!  Here are some pics...
This is a wall outside of the second grade classrooms.  It was FILLED with their campaign posters!
This display was outside of my classroom.
The kids had some very cute campaign strategies...
On Election Day our candidates made an appearance :)
One student was checking students in and the other was handing out the ballots.

 Here is our voting booth.

One girl was manning the ballot box and the other was passing out a "I voted" sticker.

 The dollar tree "I voted" stickers were a big hit! :)

I had one student who counted the ballots and another who recorded the results.  All the students had a recording sheet like this one.  There is a graph on the back (sorry forgot the photo).

It was a close race...but the Koala came out on top! :)
We had a FUN time and it was SO meaningful for the students to be doing the exact thing that their parents were doing too!  It made for some great conversations at home too!
I have only 8 days left of my Donor's Choose project with some $$ left... any suggestions on how I can get my project funded?? 
Here is a link to my project:
I'd be sad to loose the money that I've already collected.  I'll take any suggestions!!
I'll be back soon... I want to share a great visualizing lesson and our Multicultural Day!
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  1. Our school did something similar-every student voted for a 3rd grade mascot. It was a great activity to get kids thinking about how their vote makes a difference! Love your ballot box!

  2. That looks like so much fun! The "I voted" stickers are brilliant.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. Hey, Tori, if I can get you those last ten followers, can I be the winner??? Just joking, but I will forward your RSS feed to my co-workers, just 'cause I like ya like that!

    1. Brooke, if you can get me 10 more followers... you can have whatever you want!! :) I've been in limbo for a while now... creeping toward 500 ever so slowly! Thanks girlie for passing on my feed to your co-workers.. you ROCK! :)