Monday, December 17, 2012

BEACH Party!

I hope you all had a nice Monday with your little ones.  I tried to enjoy my day and fill it with laughter, instead of thinking of who or what might be lurking in the hallways. 
 I luckily didn't need to have a talk as it didn't come up, so I will leave it at that.  :)
Last Friday we celebrated my students' reading success with a BEACH PARTY!!! (how fun is it to be thinking about the beach in December- especially here in Chicago!).
I told the kids to wear their sunglasses (they were actually doing a space reading to get to the sun so it was fitting to wear their sunglasses).  They, however, had no idea that they'd be walking into a "beach room!"
As they walked in they received a lei.  On my SMART Board was a YouTube video of the beach waves and some Caribbean music.
Oh, and there were two blow up pineapple trees (one pictured here) and one outside my classroom.
I actually had a space heater on heating up the room so the room felt very warm.  I also had a scented plug in- the Hawaiian one that made the room smell really nice!
The tables were covered in Hawaiian flowers...

Yes, that is a giant pineapple.... its actually a drink cooler... but made a great display :)
I couldn't find any beach balls- but I did have a floaty!
The aide in my room brought her shell collection so that made the counter look extra beachy!
I put beach towels/blankets around the room for reading areas and hung a bunch on the wire in my room.  Oh and my son's swim trunks were a nice added touch :)
We then had a lunch party were the kids got to each their lunch in the classroom.  I put on the video "Magic School Bus Goes to Muscle Beach" and I served "Sunny D" drinks with a fun straw and an umbrella:
We are NOT allowed to have any type of food incentives anymore (as of this year)- so no more "pizza parties" :(
Finally, I made sun awards to give to each child to congratulate them on their accomplishment!
I took pictures of the kids prior to the party to attach to the award.
Throughout the day we had fun doing beach related activities that I found on TpT ... for FREE!  To see them click below:
It was SUCH a fun day- one that I hope the kids will remember for years to come :)

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