Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sad, Gingerbread, and 12-12 freebie!

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Heart broken : (
Miss you Taz

This post is dedicated to my companion for 12 years, Taz.  He had a good long life, however, I was not ready for him to leave our family.  All you pet owners out there understand when I say he was a big part of our family and it is hard to come home to a quiet and empty house.  So here's to you Taz... may there be a BIG bone and lots of squirrels to chase up there in the sky! ;)
So I found the CUTEST project for my class during the Cyber Monday Sale... it is from
 2nd Grade Glance
Gingerbread House For Sale- Adjectives-Descriptive Writing
Click to go to TpT!
It's a Gingerbread House for SALE!  We've been working very hard on parts of speech, especially on adjectives.  As a fun holiday project, the kids had to describe their own gingerbread house for sale using plenty of adjectives!  They turned out super cute!
Make sure  you check out this fun project!!
I also plan to post (when I remember to take a pic!!) a SUPER FUN activity that we did today from the FREE TpT pack:

2012 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies: 1-2 Grade Edition
If you haven't looked through this amazing bundle...you need to now! It has TONS of freebies and tips for teachers!
Next I have a fun 12-12-12 freebie for you (that's TOMORROW!!)
Your kids will have tons of fun looking through the dictionary for 12 letter words and learning their meanings!  I did this last year on
11-11-11 and my class had a blast! (didn't you know that the dictionary is the coolest thing??) :)
Click above to grab a copy!!
I am gearing up for our "beach party" on Friday!!  The kids have been reading for our space reading program (read about it here) and we are finally celebrating!  I usually do a pizza party HOWEVER, our school has just banned "food incentives" which includes pizza.  YIKES!  So I had to think quick and I came up with the BEACH because it is hot on the beach (the kids had to read to get to the "sun").  So here's my plan (I can't wait to post pics!!)
*they get leis and sunglasses as they enter the room
*beach towels around the room for reading areas
*space heaters to make the room HOT
*tropical music and youtube video of the waves playing on my smart board
*blow up palm trees
*grass "skirt" type thing hanging in doorway
*luau decor around the room
*"umbrellas" in their lemonade at lunchtime
*writing a postcard to their family members from the "beach" saying ..."wish you were here!"  :)
Help... can you think of anything else I'm missing???
I want the kids to be ShOcKeD as they enter the room... I hope that happens!!
Have a great Wednesday!!


  1. The loss of a pet is tough. Thanks for sharing the project ideas. Enjoy your beach party!


  2. I'm sorry too.

    The only thing I can come up with is doing something with beach balls, hang a kite up, use sand pails to hold stuff, bright color balloons or streamers...

    1. Thanks for the freebie :) I had forgotten about the date with everything else happening this week.

  3. So sorry about your loss. Losing pets are not easy, but know he's thinking of you!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  4. Aw Tori...bless you and your beautiful Taz. He's gorgeous boy!
    Grade ONEderful
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