Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fun and Easy Holiday PROJECTS/TREATS! :) don't miss this post!

Happy Friday Everyone!  If you are starting your break today... happy break to you!  How long do you have off?  I have 2 glorious weeks!  I'm looking forward to getting some projects done around the house!
Speaking of projects...
I have some fun shares that might be good to bring to your family gatherings, your kids to help you make, or for your classroom next year (pin or print and file!).
First... TREATS!!
The first one is a BIG hit and super duper easy to make:
 Cover the cupcake in frosting, add marshmallows for the beard and top of had (some may need to be cut in 1/2), chocolate chips are for the eyes and a red hot candy for the nose! Then add a little bit of fine red sugar at the top for the hat!
Super cute as bunch! 
Next up, I saw this somewhere on the Internet (sorry, not sure where)- but just had to make it... again...super easy, cute, fun!!
They are actually sugar cones! (I fooled a lot of people with that ingredient!)  If I had more time, I would have filled the cones with cake, however, they are empty.  Frost with white icing, and add M&M to decorate!  I hear that they were admired and then devoured today at my son's daycare :)
Now for some CUTESY and EASY ornaments!
(to cut holiday costs- my son and I started making ornaments as gifts 2 years ago)
I love this one... its a large popsicle stick first painted all red.  Then go back and add the white stripes two at a time on an angle.  The holy is a red "pom pom" and leaves cut from green foam paper.  The north pole sign is a small popsicle stick cut in half and there is glitter on the top to look like snow.  I love to add a picture of my son making the ornament on the back as a personal touch (with the year).
These are CUTE but very time consuming!  You need to paint one black small popsicle stick.  The rest are white and black at top for the hat.  Add button eyes, orange construction paper for carrot nose and paint on a mouth.  Warning... this will happen with this project:
Finally, this is the one we made this year.  SUPER easy and little ones can help!
Paint small popscicle sticks green (I guess I have a thing for popsicle sticks!).  Then glue 3 together to make a triangle.  Add a brown rectangle for the trunk and add "ornaments" around tree.  I added his picture to the center or you can leave open too! 
Have a fun holiday!


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