Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sale and Space Stuff!

Just a reminder that the Fall Sale is going on until midnight tonight! :)
Make sure you grab my newest product that I looovvvvee! :)
There are 45 days worth of problems! :)
And I leave you with some space things we have been doing...
This wall is in the hallway.  We did a super fun space ship craft from Adventures of Ms. Smith!

  We had the kids become "experts" with a space vocabulary word.  They had a ton of fun using the big kid dictionaries as they learned about their word.  Then they became the teacher and taught each other about their word.  It was a great activity to start with and it becomes a great display!
Finally, we are doing a reading incentive that will last for a few months.  The kids designed and built their own space ship.  They need to read 180 minutes to travel from planet to planet.  The goal is to get to the SUN!  At each planet they get a small prize (Oriental Trading).  Once we get everyone to the Sun, we have a Sunny Surprise Party! (it's just pizza but its totally fun!) Oh, and the kids bring their sunglasses that day~ because it's sunny on the Sun! :)


Have a great SUNday!
ps... this is my 99th post!  I wonder what might happen on my 100th post??  :)


  1. That's such a cute idea! I think I'll steal it when we study about space next year in third grade.
    Adventures in Room 5

  2. I wish that we learned more about space in second grade! Love the space ships! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac: Fall Sale!