Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SO EXCITED {and nervous!} Winner!

Oh my goodness am I tired!  I think there is also something going on with the barometric pressure... my head just wants to explode!  Anyone else just plain tired??  Ugh.
I'll start with the BIG winner of my $50 giveaway!!!

You will be getting an email from me soon! (how fun will that be to pick out $50 worth of stuff!!)
So why am I so excited (and nervous) you ask??  Well...
I just found out that the second grade at our school has made the most progress {in math} towards getting our kids "college and career ready" out of all the schools in our district!!!  There's 16 schools in our district!  I'm thrilled!  This is just after I changed literally EVERYTHING in my math block.  I guess...
change is good!
I think I know the reason we are doing so well...
this puppy has changed my philosophy on how I teach math!!

Which leads me to why I am nervous... I have a superintendent AND principal from another school coming to watch me run a session of my Math Workshop tomorrow! {gasp!}  They are interested in bringing this type of teaching to their school.  WOW!  I'm super excited to show how amazing it is... yet... extremely nervous!  I did a run through today and it went well.. I just hope everything goes as smoothly!  Also... I got an amazing email from a teacher who wanted more help with her math block (I LOVE those emails!!) and she inspired me to create a video of my math block in action!  Do you think this would help you?
Why else am I excited you say?? Well... I am ALMOST finished working on two more MATH products!!!  One will be ready for sure by the weekend.  The other... possibly next week.  But I'll give you a sneak peek :)
The first one I started using this week and I am in Loooovvveee!
It's called...
I will post more about it WITH PICTURES.  But it has TONS of word problems that meet the new common core.  There is also a math journal and a step by step poster to help your children solve those tricky one or two step word problems!  It is best for grades 2 or 3, yet if you want to challenge some firsties~ this would be great for that! (I will also be making a set 2 and possibly a 3 so that there will be enough word problems for the entire year!!)
Secondly, I am also working on this beauty...

There are word cards, a vocabulary recording page for the child to make their own math vocabulary book, and a poster to put the cards on display.  The cards have the word, definition, AND a small picture to represent the word.  These are strictly GRADE 2 words and they are common core aligned!  If I can get my act together, I will make other grades too!
What do you think?  Do you think you could use either of these new products?Stay tuned for the real unveiling of these goodies... if you've been following along.. you know that I always give at least one away of any new product I intro :)
So on tap for this weekend... I will finish my installment of parent helpers (hang tight Brooke~ its coming!).  Also I will share some writing things I've been doing (thanks Amy Lemons!) and some more space ideas.
AND FRIDAY there will be a BIG announcement!! hehehe
Have a great night!


  1. Yes! I'm super tired, too. But no headache...poor you :(
    Congrats on all the math stuff. That's very cool!
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. Thanks Barbara! I also want to thank you for stopping by here so often! I love your comments and I feel guilty that I can't seem to find the time to visit your blog and others as much as I should! BUT I have a deal with myself... when I get to 500 followers I want a blog makeover! AND I'm coming your way!! :) I need to think about what I want that I'm not sure yet :)

  2. Tori,

    You are awesome and this blog is amazing! I so enjoyed learning from you today. I am so impressed by the structure of your classroom and the way you run guided math. I will definitely be sending some questions your way very soon. :)

    Carleigh- 2nd Grade- Wheaton Christian

    1. Hi Carleigh! I am so happy that you came in! It was so nice to meet you! I got your other email, I've just been behind on many things!! Yes, please send me any questions you have!! I'd be happy to share anything you may want!
      Again it was so nice to meet you!

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