Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cuteness, Curriculum Night and Winners!

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Thanks so much to all who entered the giveaway!  And CONGRATS to the 3 winners!!  You will be getting an email from me soon! :)
I REALLY enjoyed reading all the "made me smile" stories that many of you left in the comments.  They really warmed my heart.  And some of you had some REALLY funny ones too!!  I'm going to share mine (cute and funny!).
So I'll start with a funny...
So I think I have a future project runway contestant in my room because one day I caught her staring at my outfit and then she said, "You know Mrs. Rebholz, you wear a lot of black."  I just smiled and walked away... little does she know that I rethink my outfit choices each morning based on how much black I'm wearing (yes, I DO love black).
So then I wore this shirt a few days later...
and she says to me... "Is your shirt black with white stripes or white with black stripes?"  Ugh.  I really need to get this girl some more challenging work so she has less time to stare at my clothes! :)
My class is SO super sweet this year (even with the fashionista).  These are just two of the many cute cards I get from the cuties....
 This seriously melted my heart!! 
This was from my inclusion student... so cute! :)
I was glad to get our Curriculum Night out of the way.  I feel like that night just weighs on me a bit and I feel as though I can think a little bit more clearly when it is over.  The night is basically when the parents come and sit through a 45 minute presentation from me about their child's classroom.  I do love it because I can cover the most important items all at one time.  I do get nervous with all the faces starting at me even though this was my 14th one!
This year I got a little bit techy!  I used my SMART board and added all my student's pictures on one page.  Each picture was linked to a "secret note" that they made for their mom and/or dad.  When the parents came in (before my presentation) they were able to touch their child's photo and up popped the secret note.  It was a big hit!  It looked like this:
Each photo became a link to a note they created.   
I scanned each note and linked it to their photo. 

It was very sweet :)
This was also my first year using a power point presentation.  I seriously don't know why I never made one of those like a million years ago!  I have NEVER finished my presentation on time and this year I finished 5 minutes early!  I think it was because I had everything all right there!  No more fumbling through my papers and putting them on my document camera.  It was a dream... and best thing was I bought a super cute premade power point from TpT!  Here is just the first slide...
Isn't it cute??!!!
This cute power point came from Mrs. Grauer~ you can take a look at it {HERE}
Last share... I set up my parent table with parent helper calendar, email list, conference times, party helpers, and art mom sheets like this:
And on all the kid desks had their own personalized "folders" with a letter to their parents attached to the inside.  I also had a bunch of classroom information inside too.
Phew! Now that the school year is in full swing and the "big night" is over, I'm hopeful to pick up my blogging again :)  I want to post about the fun Space/Solar System things we have been doing! :)  And stay tuned for how to include parent helpers in your classroom! 
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  1. Oh man, you make me really wish I had a smartboard. I love the touch the pic and see the note! Sweet

    This Little Piggy Reads Alll the Way Home

    1. The Smart board is pretty cool! I didn't have one for curriculum night last year so I had do to something to impress the parents this year :) Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Can't wait to hear about how you include parent helpers! That's something I struggle with!

    A Place to Thrive

  3. Hi Tori,

    I love the Smartboard idea with secret cute! I am your newest follower!

    Ms. M