Monday, September 10, 2012


Ugh.  I am one bad blogger :(  I'm sorry!  I have written about 70 posts... in my head.  Tonight was our curriculum night and it went well and I have SO much to share ... but I'm EXHAUSTED!  So as a sorry I leave you with a freebie and a reminder to enter my giveaway before it ends!! ( I promise some GREAT stuff in the next few days!!)

This is a poster/song that I sing every time we begin learning a new letter for handwriting.  It was a fun way to begin the lesson and a good reminder of where to start writing their letters.  I did sing it more when I taught first grade (they LOVED to sing it) it is also very appropriate for K or even second!  Click below to pick yours up for free and leave me some feedback when you do so!

Above is a poster to hang in your room.
Below is a fun song to sing!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

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  1. Hi Tori,

    Thank you for the song and poster. I have so many children who start their letters on the bottom line. This will be a fun reminder.

    First Grade Schoolhouse