Friday, April 19, 2013

Around the School #4

I just feel like there a weird vibe in the air.  With the terrible things going on in the world and then today we had severe flooding all throughout our town/county.

They called off school and we had a "rain" day.
I'm hopeful that everything will clear up and we will be back on track!

So onto the goods!
If you've been a follower you know of my monthly posts called "Around the School."  This is where I walk around my school and snap photos of some of my talented co-workers!  You should try this too... I bet you will be amazed at all the happenings in your school!!

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 Cute plate cut in a spiral to make the "streamer" effect!

 Each child "filled" the egg with a different animal.

I LOVE this one!  Each part of the caterpillar has a type of pasta to represent the butterfly life cycle!!


This is so cute yet easy!!  A "U" for the handle of the umbrella and a half of a paper plate! 

This is total cuteness!  They look amazing hanging in the classroom!

 The rabbit is super cute!!  I've made the flowers when I taught first.. I loved that project!  The kids write the words in crayon and then use water colors to paint over- gives it a cool effect.

 Research project!  The smaller papers were actually created using recycled materials! :)

Cute spring acrostic poem!  You can get it in this pack. :)


Thanks for coming along with me on my walk around the school!

Be on the look out for my next post on my new Mother's Day pack... giveaway too! :)


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