Saturday, April 6, 2013

Five for Friday {ok Saturday}


This is my first link-up with Doodle Bugs Teaching.  I know this is a FRIDAY link-up but really... I can't get my act together to actually link up on a Friday! :)

So here is my week in a nutshell...

1.  Laptops!
Our fantastic PTA has provided our school with a laptop cart which I conveniently park inside my room most mornings.  I really love this time of year in second grade.  The kids could really run the show without me :)  We have a routine of morning work, laptop work on our math facts, and then Daily 5.  It runs smooth as silk :)
The program we use is called Fasttmath from Scholastic.  The kids really like it.

2.  Spring Kites

This is one of my favorite projects and the parents LOVE it!  The kids write an about me poem, type it on the computer, and make a kite!  It brightens up the room and they are so fun to read!
Check it out here:

3. Fluency!
I posted a pretty long fluency post HERE
and I promise I am working on another one coming soon!  I started writing down all the things I do with fluency and the list was a MILE LONG! :)

This past week we really looked at punctuation in a sentence.
Two books I plan to read this coming week:


4. Math Double Digit Subtraction

Ok, all I can say about that is... 

Our school is fully implementing Common Core next year.  Our team has been dabbling with it all this year.

We learned that we are no longer to teach double digit addition or subtraction in the "traditional" way.


I nearly had a panic attack this week trying to figure out how to teach subtraction WITHOUT "borrowing!"  

We are currently trying out the "jump" strategy on an open number line.  I will be posting pics and talking about this more next week.

I'm also working on a subtraction companion to my addition pack:
I think the subtraction one will be a work in progress!

5. Easter!
This is of my little bug-a-boo on Easter morning.  My sweet bloggy friend Sarah posted a Q-T scavenger hunt and I grabbed it and had my son do it... it was the cutest! 
I was shocked at how quickly he put that sentence together since we have never done anything like that before! (he's a natural! :)
Thanks for the FUN Sarah!!

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  1. I found your blog on TpT. It is adorable! I love your idea for the poem on the kite. I'm going to have my kids do this. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. I wish you could see the HUGE smile on my face right now. That made me so, so happy to watch!!! That was just precious. Thank you so much for posting that! Your son is adorable. I'm so impressed with how well he read those clues and put that sentence together. What a cutie!
    Also I'm loving your punctuation book ideas. I need to read those to my class. Some of kiddos are starting to get lazy with punctuation.
    I'm so impressed with your laptops! Your kids look so engaged.

    This is the longest comment ever- so sorry but I just had so much to say! I ALSO love those kites. What a nice way to brighten up the room and make it springy. I should do those and hang them on my windows because my windows face a super busy street. HOw lovely would that be to drive by and see cute kites in the window. Love!

    Thanks so much for a great post and a for your wonderful video. Have a great weekend my friend!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

    1. Oh Sarah....he was just lovin every minute of those clues!! We added a few extra because we had a lot more "goodies" for him along the way :) Thanks for ALL your comments!! You are super fab girl! I hope your little guy is feeling better!

  3. Having a laptop cart at school is amazing! What a great way to incorporate technology into your classroom. Do you have wifi at your school? We do, but it doesn't reach up to my classroom way up on the back side of the third floor. Do you also have a computer lab?

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

    1. Hi Mandy! Yes, we do have wifi in our school and classrooms-- we are very lucky! That stinks that it doesn't reach you!! We do have a computer lab- which I use sometimes. We are like on the other side of the world from the lab so I just love having the laptops handy and we can stay in the room and do other things too as the kids finish at different times. It just seems more time effective.
      Thanks for the questions...I love that!!!

  4. Oh those flags are so cheery!!! Very cute! Also, I have cart envy. I bet you can do some many things with one of those bad boys for every kiddo!!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First