Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Countdown to Summer!!

Looking for a fun and unique way to end your year??  I've created a FUN end of the year COUNTDOWN!!

When I started putting this together it just kept growing and growing! (there are over 50 end of the year ideas and printables!!)  This little tiny idea turned into over 100 pages! :)

I promise you that it is NOT an overwhelming 100 pages- I created letter cards and cards to go inside envelopes and they do take up half the pages but they start to add up with all the ideas included!!

Check it out...

This pack has letter cards to spell out either 
"end of year" 10 day countdown!
"grade ___" (put the grade your students will go to next)
"day ___" (you can countdown from day 5)

Put these letter cards on an envelope or on a folded piece of construction paper.  Then find the corresponding activities that go along with the letters... there are SO many to choose from that you could do just one or them all!!
Put the activity cards in the envelope and "reveal" the activity/activities that day!

My students race into the classroom dying to know what the envelope will say for the day!
(I'll post pics in the next few days)

You can check out this HERE
It is on SALE right now!!

Want to win one??
Leave a comment- I'll choose a winner Friday.

So we planted our seeds....and I think we have dud soil.  Is that possible??  I water and it does NOT absorb into the soil.  I'm so frustrated!!  A few cups have grass growing but no bean sprouts yet.  Ugh.  I might have to re-soil many cups.

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I gave... did you?

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  1. Your latest pack looks great!

  2. Your end of year pack looks great.

  3. Helpful hint....I planted bean seeds with my kiddies and only 2 or 3 grew. I realized the beans have to be high up in the soil for them to push through. I added more beans closer to the top and now they are all sprouting. Good luck!

    The Kindergarten Pod

    1. Lori you are a lifesaver!! It makes total sense!! I am not even sure where the kids put the bean seeds as they were planted with my aide but I will check and maybe we can put a few on the top! Thanks for an awesome suggestion!!!