Friday, May 3, 2013

Five for Friday

Here we go... another installment of Five for Friday! :)  Thanks to Doodle Bugs for the great linky!
1. Mother's Day!
Boy are the weeks just FLYING BY!!  We started our Mother's Day cards this past week with more to complete next week!  I actually got a "this is so fun" today... that is music to my ears!
We will be making the above cards and note cards for mom!
You can see the above card project HERE
2.  Do I have enough money?
I LOVE this activity!  We have been practicing counting combinations of coins.  I have a fun activity (here) where the kids get a bag of coins and they count how much is in the bag.  They write it on the recording sheet and then I put up an item to "buy"
They are dying to see if they have enough money...I usually get cheers and boos depending if they have enough or not.  It's super fun!!

3.  Flowers
My hubby surprised me with flowers!  cue...awww...
He left them in my car for me to bring to school.  I had to share because they were just so bright and colorful!!
4.  Resorting to "gimmicks"...
Yes, it is that time of year.  Gimmick time!
My class is falling apart at the seams as it gets closer to the end!  I have decided to start the "mystery student" on Monday.  I've already got my first student ready to go in the envelope.  Here's crossing my fingers my sweet chickadees fall into this trap love this new totally educational activity. ;)
5.  Instagram Addiction
I seriously have to laugh at this one.  I was JUST telling a friend that I just don't need anymore things to do.  With 3 emails to check, 3 Facebook accounts, this blog, all kinds of messaging etc... I'm up to my eyeballs in technology madness.
And then comes "Instagram."  Ugh.  I am so mad that I even decided to peek at it.  It is so  addicting that I just HAVE to check it almost as much as everything else!!  Yes, I'm posting to that darn thing more than Facebook!  Plus its fun to play with the look of your photos...
I'll be posting about this fun project SOON!!
You can follow me HERE  hehe.. I know you want yet another way to follow me! :)
How was your week?
How many weeks/days left for you?

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  1. These things are so beautiful, you made yourself? That's really amazing. wow gold