Friday, May 10, 2013

Five for Friday through Instagram

Well there must be pigs flying somewhere because I can't believe I'm going to say this.... if you are not on Instagram... get on there fast!  I'm seriously in looove ;)

It is SO easy to post pics of things going on in my classroom, and I can catch up on my favorite bloggers too!  

So, my Five for Friday will be shown through my pics I took this week :)

1. Mystery Student

I shared last week that I was going to try this out... it's working like a charm!  If you look carefully you can see the envelope hanging from our maps in the bottom picture.  Yes, it's just hanging there...watching their every move... and all I have to do is point to the envelope and they are magically quiet again.  ahhhh :)

2. Mother's Day

The kids had a lot of fun making their Mother's Day projects.  We created the cards above with "gifts" for mom to "pick" (written on the stems of the flowers).  The kids loved decorating the flowers.

We also made note cards for mom too!
The kids drew a picture of their family and we printed it on card stock, folded, and included envelopes.  They turned out SO cute!!

3.  Field Trip
Don't you just love bus rides!  Yes I know a teacher's worst nightmare is a long bus ride on a field trip.  Luckily our ride was only about 10 minutes into our downtown.  We went on a guided walking tour of the downtown area and the kids learned about some of the history, architecture, and stories about our town.
We even toured our City Hall and stepped into the Mayor's office...
I just love how they are all hovering over his desk like they are going to uncover some kind of secret!  It was a fun trip!

4.  CAFE
I just love this!  I snapped this pic while I was at another school in my district.  They have the CAFE letters and the corresponding books below the letters.  The books are labeled with the letter and the matching color.  I love this and plan to make something similar during the summer!

5.  Teacher Appreciation Week!

How was your week?  We were showered with kindness all week.  
Monday- letters from the kids
Tuesday- catered luncheon
Wednesday- letters from the parents
Thursday- flowers from the kids
Friday- gift card to get lunch

I sure did feel the love!

"Thank you for being my teacher.  You made math fun a lot.  I wish you could be my teacher in third grade."
(makes my heart melt!)

I'd love for you to follow along with me during the week... I will most definitely be posting to Instagram more often than I get to blog.  You can find me here.

Have a nice weekend and I will be back VERY SOON with a giveaway!!


  1. I joined Instagram this week too. Bad idea! :-) I am enjoying the Clutter Free Classroom's May photo challenge, where there is a different theme every day. I think it's a fun challenge to come up with a different picture every day.

    Blooming In First

    1. I am now following your instagram and blog! I look forward to sharing pics with you through the #cfclassroom photo challenge! I'm also doing the #PADteacherchallenge too!

  2. I just joined the Instagram craze as well. I have really enjoyed seeing all the pictures everyone is posting.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  3. I love Instagram too! So easy to post and follow others :) We only went on one Field Trip this year and I have to say I was really happy. We usually do one per quarter and it is a lot of work! Have a super weekend.

    Surfin' Through Second

  4. I love the Mystery Student idea! I'm going to stow that away for next year. :-)

    Primary Junction

  5. We just joined Instagram too!! Love it! We haven't posted much yet, but I'll find you on there. Such a fun way to see what's happening in other classrooms!