Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers in Bloom!

Grass seed, pinto bean, and lima beans in cups.  Avocado seed in front
 Second grade is BLOOMING!  We have begun our plant unit and have our plant cups ready and waiting for some sprouts!  I'm hoping for some good growth like I had last year (I do NOT have a green thumb and my teammates like to rub it in ...yet somehow I had the best growing cups last year-- hehe)!
Flowers are growing!
 In conjunction with our plant unit, we also do a reading incentive where the kids get to "grow a flower by reading!"  For every 30 pages they read, they get part of the flower.  For example:
30 pages- soil
30 pages- roots
30 pages- stem
30 pages- leaves
30 pages- flower

The kids must also fill out a book report to earn their plant parts!  I will be adding all of this as a freebie in the next day or two (when I can get my act together!).  The kids love watching their plants growing by reading along with their actual plants growing in their cups :)  Awwww... 

And for those over achiever readers..
'cuz I know you have those too...

I have "extras" they can earn to add to their flower picture.  Like the grass, bee, bird, sun etc.  They like to see how many extras they can get to add.  I have a competition in my room right now to see who can get all 17 extras first.  Hey, some healthy competition to get them READING can't hurt...right? :)

The year is FLYING!  11 1/2 more days!  (not that I am counting!).  How many more days do you have?  Or are you done? (lucky!)  Have a GREAT Monday :)


  1. Your flowers are looking good!! We just planted ours in the garden. Here's to them living hehe!

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  6. I love that you planted so many kinds of seeds. Cute project too. I'm your newest follower.


    1. Hi Maria! Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you were able to find the freebie project :) I'm heading to your blog now!