Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Thank You and Awesome Stuff!

Wow, did you take advantage of the Jackpot day?  It felt like Christmas morning!  Every blog square I clicked on was like unwrapping a new present with me thinking, hmm.. I wonder what is inside this one?  By the 50th one I started to feel a little bit guilty.  It was a weird overwhelming feeling.  I know it was a "thank you" and it was to add promotion to the great blogs and TpT stores.  I hear it did very well and the blogs and stores got a lot of exposure.  I can't wait to join the next one- when I get my blog footing :)

So after the "blog hop" I hit my wish list on TpT and I ended up buying 9 things!!  I couldn't help myself! :)  There are so many talented teachers out there!  (DON'T FORGET to leave feedback to get your TpT credits!)  I wanted to share two of my favorite purchases:

It's About Time!  Telling time activitiesWhat an AMAZING bundle for telling time... great activities that I never would have thought to do.  My kids are going to have a TON of fun with this :)

It's the end of the year!This is TOTAL cuteness!!  You can give out end of the year awards to your students like: 
Jeff Gordon Award
Mother Earth Award
Mad Scientist Award
Mathematician Award

SO clever and cute!  My students will love getting these!

I did want to say THANK YOU to all that did hit my TpT sale.  I appreciate every single sale big or small!  I hope you are all enjoying your week this week... you deserve it!  My students wrote me notes today.  My favorite one said..."thank you for teaching me stuff.  You say it in a way that helps me learn better."  My heart melted!!

Come on back for some pics, more product favs, and a freebie!

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hi Tori!Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am now a follower! I love the look of your blog! 2nd grade ROCKS!


  2. Hi Tori
    Thanks for joining the blog hop! I'm your new follower!