Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pics, Product, Present

So I posted previously about a fun article activity that I did with the kids last week.  WOW was it F U N!  The kids enjoyed every minute of it and amazingly they worked very well together!  Here are some pics and some more info:

There are four sheets they needed to fill out after they read an article from the National Geographic Magazine.  They wrote a summary, illustrated a picture, looked up interesting or new words in the dictionary and they made connections to the text.
Some groups wanted to learn more so they read some info on the computer.  Other groups looked up and printed more pictures.

They used the amazing pics in the magazine to illustrate their own!

Its hard to tell, but they spent the first day reading and highlighting the most important information in their article.  They then used that information to write a summary.  We talked about how to write the summary using their own words.

This is my favorite part! They took all those sheets and designed a poster.  They could use pictures, text, or captions from the magazine and put it on their poster.  The groups got really creative!

I love how it's a mix of many mediums.

They finally presented to the class.  In total we spent 4 days doing this project.  It was great for the end of the year and to incorporate non-fiction!

Here's a link to the product: Article Activities


Here's another AMAZING product I wanted to mention.  I've already downloaded, printed and used some of it :)


Finally, I wanted to share a that you may want to print and use for your parent volunteers or anyone who needs a "thank you" as you wrap up the end of the year.  I like to attach this poem to a notepad for my parent helpers. You can find it  free at my TpT store...

Classroom Helper Thank You

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Have a great Thursday!  Stay tuned... when I reach 50 followers I plan to have my first give-a-way with some good prizes! :)  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Tori, I'm Jill and I'm kind of new to blogging also. I teach 2nd grade in Southeastern Idaho. If you get a chance come visit some time,

    Have a wonderful day.
    only 11 more days

    1. Hi Jill! So glad you found me!! We unfortunetly have 18 days left :( I liked your post about how your students are chattering and not listening- mine too!! Good luck on your last two weeks! I'm going over to become a follower of your blog now!