Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teacher Tips Tuesday

Are you ready for another Teacher Tip Tuesday!! :)  Today's guest blogger is Elissa @ Adventures of a Super Mom!  Please stop by her adorable blog... she is new to the blogging world so she would love for you to go on over and say "hi" :)

Tip #1

I found a wonderful website for the teacher to communicate with students and for students to communicate with classmates. Once you register an account for Edmodo you can add your students. Assign each student a password and they can log in. The way I use this in the classroom is I assign a weekly question based on the chapter book or Trophies story we are reading for that particular week. One requirement is for students to respond to the question. I check their responses and assign a grade based on their response. For example when we were reading Charlotte’s Web, I asked students to share a time when a friend helped them out. They were able to do this during centers. I noticed that they would also communicate with each other when they were at home. It is easy to monitor for any inappropriate language. 

Tip #2
In my classroom I try to do an author study every month. In May we always do a study of Patricia Polacco. I bought an author study from Teachers Pay Teachers (I think it was) and made a really awesome bulletin board. This inspired me to have a separate bulletin board just for the author we are studying each month. This is what my board looked like. You can go to Teachers Pay Teachers and find the unit.

Tip #3
One of the Common Core Standards for third grade is point-of-view. During April my students and I read Tonight on the Titanic, which is part of the Magic Tree House series. We also did a study of the Titanic using the nonfiction companion guide. I read aloud Polar, the Titanic Bear to my students. The story was in the point-of-view of a bear. To go with the standard, I created an activity where students had to bring in a special stuffed animal from home. Then they had to write in the point-of-view of their stuffed animal.

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My name: Elissa
The years I have been teaching: 12
The grade(s) I have taught: 2nd  and 3rd
The state/area that I teach in: Nevada
My blog web address: www.hardworkingteachingmomma.blogspot.com
My email address: momma2mygirlies@aol.com

Thanks so much Elissa for being a part of Teacher Tips Tuesday!  I really enjoyed your tips!  Remember to go give her some bloggy love! {click here}

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