Sunday, August 5, 2012

Winners, reminder, and ORGANIZATION linky!

I wanted to join this linky with Amanda @ One Extra Degree:
(wow, totally amazing blog! You should check it out!!)

These are just two quick shares...

First...those of you just looking into starting Daily 5... I suggest organizing your classroom library before school starts.  You will be SO thankful you did!!  You will need to decide on how you will organize it... will it be by level OR by genre.  I actually did it by BOTH.  Yes, harder but I felt for my age it was the best option. 

The red and white stickers in the corner match a F&P level.
I use the Fountas and Pinnell levels and then I matched a color to that level.  I went onto SCHOLASTIC where they have a Book Wizard section that is AMAZING!  Just type the book title in and they spit out all you need to know about that book!  It will be your lifesaver!

Then I sorted my books by genre and put them in baskets with labels on the front of the basket.  I created a few that you are welcome to have {click here} but otherwise... search the web there are a TON out there.

Then I did this:
 Here are all the books I have on Bears.  Each book has a different colored sticker on it~ the children know what sticker to look for in this basket.

 In the corner of each label I have numbers.  This identifies this basket as number 29.  Then...

On the inside cover of the book is the same basket number.  This makes it SO much easier for the children to return the books back to the appropriate book basket.  I HIGHLY recommend doing this for younger students!

Any questions about how I level PLEASE email me :)

Last thing....
With all the tool box shares that I see floating around... I wanted to share mine.  This I made a zillion years ago (ok like 10) but it's pretty awesome and works well.  I use it to organize my letters for making words that I use during guided reading:

I just slide the drawer out for the letters that we need for that session!  Works like a charm!  I don't even know if they still make one like this but I'm sure they make something similar :)  I cleaned out the bottom of this but usually I have dry erase makers, erasers, stickers, word cards and a bunch of things that I use during guided reading :)

Have a GREAT Sunday!!
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  1. Congrats to Crystal and Stephanie!!
    Awesome organization, Tori.

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    1. Thanks Barbara for being an AMAZING follower! :)