Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Magical Product Swap!


Today's the day!  I'm super pumped about the Magical Product Swap!!  Thanks to Jessica @ Mrs. Stanford's Class for hosting this super fun event!  Make sure you click back to her blog to see some awesome products!!
Today I am reviewing some products from my new friend Cassandra @ Adventures in Room 5 (isn't her blog button adorable!?!).  I have to first say what an amazing person Cassandra has been throughout this product process!  She has been so helpful and answered my questions so quickly!  She was nice enough to send me TWO products which she didn't need to do!  I am so glad to have met her through this swap!

Anyway... on to the goods!
The first one I want to share is the Monthly Read Aloud Snapshot Journals:
Click to go to TpT store!
 First of all, this product is very reasonably priced at only $3.50.  Here's is ALL the stuff you get:

   There are booklet covers for every month (top    
    photo) with super cute colors and graphics.

The idea behind this booklet is so brilliant!  How many of us do a follow-up activity on a read aloud?  Want an easy way to do so?  THIS IS IT!!  I cannot WAIT to use this in my classroom this year!  The students can write just a little bit about the book and you then have a quick assessment tool!  LOVE IT!  Plus, it's now a place that students can refer back to and get some ideas on what to read next!

The pictures below show the pages you would put in the booklet.  The nice thing is you have a couple of different options.  There is one with just a place to draw a picture and has lines:

  There is another with a smaller picture spot and more lines, but the lines are larger for little ones.  Did you notice the "rating" spot?  AMAZING! Kids LOVE to share their opinions and they will have so much fun rating the books that you read.

Here is what the book looks like put together:
And the last type of booklet paper looks like this (this would be the best option for a second grader).
Here there are more lines so the expectation could be greater.  Now there is one more page that I haven't mentioned yet.  This page is a place for books of the month.  (there are 2 versions of this page too!)

Again, how great is it to recap all the read alouds of the month.  Think of the things you could do with this!  You could graph the favorites.  You could track books each month.  You could have teams of kids write reviews of books based on their favorites!  The possibilities are endless!

So, I decided to put this little product to the test... with the most critical judge out there... one of my former students!  She read a story and she wrote about it in her August Journal...

Let me tell you... she LOVED it!  She said, "Why didn't we do this during school?" Funny!  I then got to thinking... I could actually do this in Daily 5 too!  I've been looking for something to use (not to bulky or time consuming) to have students fill out when they read to self.  This would be perfect! They could share the books they "rated" and then pick out their favorite for the month!  

I had no idea the little treasure this product would end up being!  I really hope that you enjoyed the review and check it out!! :)  Click {here} to go to this product!

OK... so I just HAD to share one last thing... Cassandra didn't have to send me two products... but she did and that was really AMAZING of her.  So I want to share her second product with you!!
It's her Back to School Activity Pack!
click pic to go to TpT!
This pack is SUPER cute!  At ONLY $3.50 there are 6 different activities including:
Interview a Classmate
The Classroom Gazette (love!)
Find Someone Who (and a blank one)
Our Favorite Graphs (3 different ones!)
Classroom Scavenger Hunt
Classroom Procedure Cards
I really like the procedure cards:
With these you can check to see if your students REALLY understand the classroom procedures (which we all know are so important!)

I will also really enjoy this activity this coming school year:

The one on the left is an interview that the kids can do on each other.  The other one is where they can write the facts they learn about their classmates on a newspaper format page!  This will be so much fun for the kids!!

If you want to check out this great Back to School Pack, click {here}

Make sure you stop by Cassandra's blog {here} to not only FOLLOW her because she rocks, but also to check out her review on my product (which is discounted for TODAY ONLY!!! ;)

Thanks for reading!
ps... stop back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!!


  1. Tori you have been amazing! Thanks for this review! It looks great and I am so glad it's something you want to use next year!

    Adventures in Room 5

  2. Adding to my cart immediately!!!!

    ✏ Mrs. Stanford's Class ✏
    I hope you enjoyed the swap enough to join us again next time around :) the form is on our main post :) ❤

  3. How cool of Cassandra to send you two packets :) I love them both. The snapshot books are super cool.

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  4. So nice system :)
    Really nice!
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