Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Currently and Math Vocabulary!

Hey everyone!  My favorite month is here! I just love this time of year!! :)
Thanks to Farley @ Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the newest currently!
We had quite a scare on Sunday as my son decided to plow his head into the playground equipment at the park!  He was fine, mom was hysterical! Luckily dad was able to supervise the doctor as she GLUED his wound shut.  Did you know they do that now??  No stitches, no butterfly bandage... glue.  And it's purple!  So now he has a nice purpley glue blob on his forehead and it will flake off in a few weeks... hopefully leaving it scare free. :)
My book choice is Room on the Broom:
I love to read this book every Halloween.  I got it through Scholastic and it's a super cute rhyming book with a fun ending :)
I FINALLY FINISHED the math vocabulary!!!  I have been working on this thing for weeks!  I have to say that this was one of the most challenging to make, but I am thrilled that it is finished and pleased with the outcome.  I can't wait to use this in my classroom!!  It looks like this:
There are 72 vocabulary word cards, two different math vocabulary book options for the kids to make, different ways to display the cards, and word wall word size cards too!  All the words are designed for Grade 2 Common Core.  The cards have the word, definition and a picture.  Here is a closer look at the vocab cards:
I seriously have never (in 14 years) felt so good about my math time...ever.  We have amazing math conversations, I can individualize my lessons, and now the children can have a better understanding of math vocabulary- the foundation of math!!  Yippee! :)  To check this out click {here}
I want to make these for K-5, however, I am wondering what grades would be interested.  IF you think this is something you might be able to use, please leave me a comment of your grade so I know what grade to work on next!! :)
And you guessed it... let's give one away!!  I'll chose a name randomly tomorrow night (Thursday) so leave a comment with your email below!
And stop back this weekend as I'm going to do a GIANT math giveaway!  ALL my math products for one winner!!
Have a great rest of your week!


  1. More hours during the day with less meetings would be fabulous! I am also thinking about my fluffy pillow waiting for me, calling for me. Just one more blog is what I have been telling myself for the past thirty minutes.

    Thinking Out Loud

  2. Love the math vocab cards! They are amazing! I'm so happy you feel more confident than ever with your math! I think that all teachers from K-5 would love them!
    Pixy Stix and Teacher Tricks

  3. I may be shunned for saying this, but I agree w/ you 100% on the time during the day thing and would actually not mind having an extra hour in a school day!! I can never fit in all my stuff I'd like to do. Too many cute plans I find on Pinterest and TPT!

    Second Grade Nest>

  4. Super glue sound better than stitches...have you seen the needle they use for that? I nearly passed out myself!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. I hope your son is feeling better. I had a battle with playground equipment once. Tell him I lost too! I've actually heard that you can use super glue on cuts....I'm pretty sure you could rule the world with duct tape and super glue.

    I am in the same boat with math instruction. I feel like I am seriously deficient in math this year.....


    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  6. Gawl! You're so great- loved the Halloween book ;) This is my favorite time of the year as well!

  7. Popping over from Currently,I'm jealous your carpets are freshly cleaned. :)

  8. I'm glad your son is okay!
    Oooh, husband cleaning carpets. I like that sound of that ;)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

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