Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Landforms and Election Time!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!  It's been a busy, busy week and it has barely begun!  It's book fair week, bus safety week, and LANDFORMS week! Yippee!  I wanted to share a few of the things we have been doing... but wait... to start off... here's is our Fall display in the hallway...
 Yes, the header is made out of paper plates!  Ok, so I saw that idea somewhere and have been dying to do it too... that is when I found those cute small plates in the Target $1 section.  Sweet!
The paper we used is probably a million years old but I still LOVE it!  It makes for a cute display!
Onto landforms... I love this unit!  Today we did two fun landform things- one was an idea/freebie from Ginger @ Ginger Snaps which turned out SUPER CUTE...

What a great visual!  The kids had fun coloring, cutting, and assembling this beauty!  Make sure you click above to see Ginger's original post about this!
This next share will turn into a 3 part share.  We did step 1 today.  We will be sculpting landforms!! I really love how this one turns out!  So, today we made the "dough" to sculpt with.  It's SO easy to make... you just need...
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1/4 cup water
Alleluia for parent helpers! She made a station for each child in our staff lounge (can you believe that the kids were amazed that we have a "Pepsi Machine" there!)

First, put the flour and salt in a bowl and mix together.  Then add the water and mix until it makes the dough.  Then kneed the dough adding more flour until it is not sticky.
Have ziplocks pre-labeled with the kids' names.

Our next step tomorrow will be picking out a landform to sculpt, and then sculpting!!  I have the children choose from these options:
mountain, lake, island, hill, volcano, valley, plain, peninsula, and bay.
I will be posting day two...sculpting... and day three...painting/writing..soon!!
Starting next week I will be posting our step by step Election Process!! I am SO excited!!  If you haven't picked up my Election Time unit yet... get it now (it's on sale!) and then you can follow along and do your own Election too!!  It will take about 8 days... so it's NOT TOO LATE!  I will start it on about Wednesday next week and it will end on election day.

I've done this election for many years, but just updated it with cute writing papers and graphics this year! I love the new look! :) 
(I promise you that it is 4.0 quality- someone marked me very low for one spelling error which has since been corrected).
Last thing...
PLEASE stop by THIS POST to visit all the amazing blogs that have linked up to my "I've Been Boo-ed" linky!  There are 80+ bloggers and counting!  There are TONS of great ideas, products, and freebies!  Plus, I have found some new blogs to follow!  Don't miss out!


  1. Hi Tori! Too funny that I see you talking about your Election Time packet. I came over to let you know that I gave it a shout out on our blog! Now I added that it is even on sale right now. :-)

    Thanks again! The pack is great!

    Teaching Little Miracles

    1. Oh my gosh Crystal you just made me cry! I'm not even kidding you! Thanks so much for posting about it! I can't wait to see the post...I'm heading there now!

  2. Tori,
    My kinders are about to study landforms and saw hour posts when I started googling ideas. I love your idea of having the children make their own dough and then using it to sculpt landforms - great ideas! My kinders will love this! Thank you for sharing! Camille in CA