Saturday, October 20, 2012

Landforms (Day 2&3) and Election {giveaway!}

Wow, did this week go fast!  My hubby was out of town for several days this week... boy is it hard to do it all!  Needless to say I'm backed up on posts... sorry!  First I'll cover day 2 and 3 of our landforms.  Read about day 1 {here}.
So the kids had a BLAST sculpting their landforms!  First, we had the choices up on the SMART board.  Random name generator picked the order of the kids, they chose the landform they wanted and I tallied next to the landform.  When three tallies were next to each landform, that landform was closed.  (this way I had a variety of landforms).
This was also a nice visual to have up when the kids were sculpting.
 Also, before we began sculpting, I had a parent cut 8"x8" cardboard squares.
Then I passed out their bags of "dough" and the creating began...

I gave them a Popsicle stick to help them add texture.  Of course the kids had to visualize where they wanted everything to be once they were painted.
After this step, they need a least 2 days to begin to harden.  Then we painted!!  I again had a parent helper create a station out of my room (sorry I forgot to take a pic of this).  The finished products are AMAZING!
 Island with a volcano!
Waterfall (love this one!) 

Mountain with lake running down (and a volcano nearby)
The last thing we did was create a dictionary page for their landform (we have been doing dictionary studies all week).  The page looks like this:
Landform paper (click to get)
We then propped up the paper behind their landform for a great display:

 Monday the kids will "present" their landforms and their information to each other!
Sorry for the subject switch... but I'm gearing up for one of my favorite units!  If you haven't yet... you can get my unit at TpT now on sale... (but also giving one away here!!)
I mentioned in my last post that this can take up to about 8 days (give or take). I'll try and update you on my progress as we go.  But first, you have to prepare your posters and vocab words:
 vocabulary for unit
 Our animal "candidates" (this unit has 3 animal sets for different grade/age levels
 posters we will need for Election Day!
Papers we will need when we "campaign" for our candidate!
This unit is so much FUN!! The kids get to do exactly when their parents are currently doing but in a more meaningful way.  I don't like to bring the "politics" into the classroom, but yet want the same experience for the children. 
So a rough timeline is:
Day 1- read an election book (intro vocabulary)
Day 2- vocabulary sheet
Day 3- intro animal "candidates"
Day 4- read about all the candidates
Day 5- choose a candidate to "campaign" for- begin writing about/make posters
Day 6- finish writing and persuade class
Day 7- learn about the election process
Day 8- ELECTION DAY (mock election)
I will try and share as much as I can in pictures to help you along in the process!
Want in on this great unit??  I am giving one away TODAY!! 
1. you HAVE to be a follower
2. Guess my birthday month and DAY (not year! ;)  If no one gets both, I will give it to the first person to guess the right month :)
Good luck!
Happy weekend my friends!!


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