Saturday, October 27, 2012

Election, Freebies, Giveaways, and SALE!!!

Hi everyone! So my head. is. SPINNING!  Is this time of year B U S Y for you all too??  Between Halloween, report cards (due Nov. 2) and conferences (Nov. 5 and 7)... I feel like a chicken with its head cut off (OK who even thought of that icky phrase anyway...)!! Ugh.
Anyway... I am SO excited about our Election progress!!  If you are keeping track, we have already learned our Vocabulary (to see click here).
Now I have introduced our candidates!!
I am reading books about our candidates so we can learn more about them:

While I am reading some facts about the animals, the children are writing the facts on a sheet that I created.  It looks like this:
one of the student's paper
We talked about how important it is to learn about the candidates so that we have enough information to make a good decision.  Later we will use these facts to write our persuasive papers to "campaign" for a particular candidate!  If you want a copy of the facts sheets you see above... {click here}
Next week we will finish learning about the other 3 candidates, write our persuasive papers, create signs, and "debate" about their chosen candidate.  By Nov. 6th we will elect our second grade animal representative!!
Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!!
I am giving away two things this weekend!!  It will be your choice of either the Election Time Unit:
OR my Spooktacular Halloween Pack!
How to win.... be a FOLLOWER!  Leave a comment below and tell me what you will be dressing up as for Halloween :)  I will chose a random winner tomorrow night!! 
Don't forget to leave your email address too! 
Want a bonus???  I am looking to get to that next milestone (500) and need some new followers... IF you send someone this way you will get to pick out ANYTHING from my store for FREE!! Yippee!
(just leave a link of the post and your email, and I'll contact you about your free item!)
Don't want to wait for the free stuff??
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Here's my little man helping me at school (actually he was helping make more of a mess :)
Have a GREAT weekend!!
I'll post all next week about Election, Halloween, and Conferences (report cards)!


  1. Awww, it's so wonderful you are running an election with Australian animals! You are so creative! I feel so special to be Australian, thanks for teaching your class about our wonderful animals.

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Oh Alison!!! I am so excited to be learning more about the Australian animals!! The kids are lovin it!! Boy I wish we could Skype your class - wouldn't that be cool???

  2. I am hoping to get away with NOT dressing as anything for Halloween! I want to wear Halloween colors, my Halloween earrings and call it a day. But my co-workers are trying to convince me which case I will be a witch. (Who feels like the Grinch!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

    1. Hehe!!! I do Not want to dress up either!!! If I don't the kids will be so disappointed! So I'm forced to! Have a happy Halloween!

  3. My school does not celebrate Halloween so I will be wearing orange and black on the outside...inside I am looking witchy due to report cards, conferences, and Grandparents day on the 1st. Yes, the day after the sugar fest! Crazy! I love your election unit :)

    1. Boy I kinda wish we would remove the Holiday! I get nothing done all day but the kids do have fun :). Good luck with all your craziness too!! :)

  4. I will be wearing my Halloween sweater and pumpkin earrings. I would love your Spooktacular Halloween Pack.

    1. I am so jealous of you all who are not dressing up! I can't get out of it... and the worst part... we have to "theme" it with the other second grade teachers. Ugh!

  5. My school doesn't celebrate Halloween so I was thinking about wearing orange and black? I don't really have any Halloween clothes so it'll have to do! Although I'm not even sure if I have anything orange...I love the Spooktacular pack!
    Teaching in the Valley

  6. I usually go as Mrs. Sanders - it just works out really well! :) love the idea of voting on animals - nice!

  7. I will be Cleopatra to go with my ancient Egypt unit. The kids are getting excited for Halloween, We had our annual district wide Halloween Carnival on the 27th.

    I bought the ElectionTime unit and I am excited about starting it tomorrow.
    2nd grade
    Northern Ca

    1. Yay Debbie! You just made my evening!!! Make sure you stop back as I'll keep you updated of our progress! :) I hope you and the kids have a fun time! :)

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