Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Election {post 1} and Pumpkin Persuasive!

Hi everyone!  It's Wednesday... 1/2 way through the week! :-)
I am so excited to have begun our Election process!  I am also thrilled to be doing something not related to the current Presidency... wow do the kids have some opinions (and they are ONLY 8!!).  I can tell that they have been listening very carefully to their parents!
So, I have some books ready to read as we go.  Here they are:

I started off reading this book:
It's really cute and a fun read :)
Today we started our Election vocabulary.  I created a simple power point {CLICK TO GET} with the vocabulary and the kids wrote about the words and drew pictures (see below).

Tomorrow we will finish our vocabulary and I will introduce our "animal candidates!"
By the end of the week, we will be fully immersed in books about these candidates!  Next week we will be writing about the candidates and campaigning for their chosen candidate!  I can't wait! :)
If you are interested in this unit... click {HERE}
Quick share... we pretended we were PUMPKINS!
The kids wrote a persuasive type paragraph trying to convince the pumpkin shopper to buy them!  They needed to include good details and adjectives to describe them as a pumpkin.  Also, they needed to tell why they would be the best pumpkin!  They turned out super cute!

If you are interested in this activity and want the support sheet to help your kids, click below:
I leave you with some fall pics of my little man :)
Have a GREAT rest of you week (more election/Halloween to come!)



  1. I totally agree with you about not talking about the current election. The little knowledge my students have is more opinion of the adults around them than anything else. My coteacher and I are going to elect the best president of all time.

    God luck with your unit!

    1. Thanks Emily! It is scary how opinionated they are... it is so their parents coming out in them! Thanks for stopping by!