Monday, April 2, 2012

Bunny Tales

So it's the Monday after Spring Break and at lunch I look down at my plans for writing.  Empty.  Oops!  So I quick grabbed my April file and found a oldie but goodie bunny know the ones that "hold" the paper... I love those :)  Then I quick jumped on the computer and created 3 writing sheets with starters.  I have found that my students write better with choices.  They will write more if it is something that they WANT to write about.  I tend to choose topics that are both Narrative and Creative (story) writing.  So I made a "If I were a bunny," "If I were the Easter Bunny," (this was the fav!) and "On Easter," starters.  We had a quick mini lesson on word choice and adjectives to make their writing more detailed and interesting to read.  And then the rest of the afternoon was magical... they were happily writing and creating their bunnies.  I left out some construction paper scraps and they had fun adding colorful eggs, baskets, carrots and even earrings to their bunnies.  Here are some examples:

                                     CLICK for Mr. Bunny

                                     CLICK for Bunny Paper

I'm a fan of anything simple and CUTE!  I love the construction projects, but frankly, who has time to cut all the paper out!  I hope you will find this helpful if you happen to notice an empty box in your plans too!

Have a good evening!

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