Wednesday, April 11, 2012

MORE Earth Day and a FREEBIE!

So if you read my previous post I mentioned that I was not able to snap some photos of the Lorax artwork... well I was able to today!  I CAN'T take any credit for this, as our fabulous art teacher made these with the kids but they are to die for I just had to share! 

The Lorax is holding a sign that says, "I speak for the trees!" :)

I also wanted to share this totally amazing project that I can't wait to try.  Again, I didn't create this originally, I found it on a Proteacher Post .  How great, right?  It is made from a coffee filter sprayed with water and painted with glitter!! FUN!


Ok, one last thing... I'm at 20+ followers! Yippee!  I feel like I just hit 10! So it's time again for my every 10 give-a-way! :) There's no random drawing or gimmick... there are just TWO simple things to do: 1. become a follow and 2. leave me a comment with your email address!  Seriously people... why wouldn't you want to follow this AMAZING blog ;)  Ok, I'm done now. Here's the freebie this time:


There are 8 different poems that I use for fluency!  We spent all of last week partner reading the poems adding expression and emotion and then read the poems for the class.  The children had a GREAT time!  Let me know if you would like these great poems.  Thanks as aways for reading and I hope you gathered an idea or two!


  1. Tori - your blog is cute and I love your title. My name is Victoria but I go by Vicky --- I have always loved the name Tori too...very cute. I just found you and am your newest follower. I see you are fairly new to blogging. Me too - I just started in Feb. and have learned so much already. It's so fun. COme on over and visit me sometime when you get a minute. :o)
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    1. Hi Vicky! I'm a Victoria too! I've always been a Tori though... Victoria only on paper. I can't wait to stop on over to your blog... so glad you found me! :)