Thursday, April 19, 2012

Totem Pole Project

Student Samples

A totally terrific totem pole project!  I am SUPER excited to share an amazing project that my second graders are working on right now in correlation with our Social Studies unit (cultures and customs). 

The children first had a homework assignment to discuss with mom/dad what traditions, customs, uniqueness, and heritage they had as a part of their family.  This created many interesting conversations at home!

Then, the children took those ideas and transformed them into pictures to attach to their ToTeM PoLe!  We used the cardboard part of a paper towel roll as our base.  They could trace a bird head and wings to glue onto the "totem."  The pictures represented important things about themselves.  Some people included: special meals with family, family trips, flags to represent where their ancestors are from, special collections, family traditions, etc.

Some kids attached actual photographs, others just drew or created their own pictures.

After the totem poles were completed, the children then chose 4 most important items on their totem and wrote more information about those things on their "storyboard."  The storyboard has a special place in the center where the totem pole is placed.  

They look awesome on display!

Finally, the children were able to share their project with the class and we will be placing them on display in the hallway for all to see.  It was a great way to culminate our culture unit in a UNIQUE way!  


 I plan to add this project to my TpT Store soon :)  (Ok, not that I am trying to push this item as a "sale."  I do hope that you like it because it is one of my favorite "about me" projects!)  AND it's fun and easy to make!

So happy tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Thanks as always for stopping by and reading! :)


  1. Those totem poles are so cute! I love how it really incorporates the kids culture, and got the kids to talk to their parents about their traditions!

    Thanks for checking out my blog :)! I'm now also following your blog!

    1. Yay! Thanks for coming over Amy! Sometimes I feel like I post and then hear crickets :)
      Glad that you liked the project... I LOVE how this one turns out!

  2. Tori, these are so cute! I'm sure your kiddos loved making them!

    I just sent you my May Fun Pack too! :)


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    2. Why are 9 nine year olds coming on here to talk about irrelevant things like these??

  7. These are great! We are finishing up a unit on native tribes and I would love to do these with my 4th and 5th graders. I can't find it on TPT. Is it not there?

  8. I'm excited about doing this with my second graders after we finish studying Native Americans! I wish the storyboard were printable!